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10 most famous dog breeds in India

10 most famous dog breeds in India

Best Dogs in India

Dog are fondly referred to as Man’s best friend which cannot go untrue ever. Yes, Dogs are the most affectionate and intelligent animals one can ever have as a pet companion and there can be no question of its certainty ever. Dogs are the easiest pet animal to be managed at home. While most famous dogs breeds in India are of foreign origin, few Indian origin dogs are also equally popular.
Here we see the 10 most popular dogs breeds in India. Some of the best Pet dogs in India are

Most Popular dog breeds in India

1. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

The Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly, responsible and well mannered dogs. Golden Retrievers are one of the most recognized and popular dog breeds not only in India but all around the world. This breed is known for its intelligence & sporting ability. Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds for Indian homes for its family friendly nature

It can be trained easily. They are popular choice among family dogs for its friendly and loving nature. It is a favorite household dog in India with immense patience, making it particularly best suited to families with children.

Appearance : Golden Retrievers are medium in size and has a good balanced feature. It has a dense coat. Golden retriever comes in various shades of gold colour

2. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

Labrador retriever are very popular dogs in India at par with Golden Retrievers, known for its playful and enthusiastic nature. Labrador retrievers are greatly appreciated for their swimming skills.

It is well renowned for its eagerness to learn and responsible behaviour that makes them a good guide and rescue dogs. Friendly and pleasing character makes them a good family member in the house. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in India.

Appearance: Labrador retrievers are medium in size, well built and balanced. Its coat is short and dense and comes in colours such as black and shades of light red and chocolate.

3. Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog

The Pomeranian is an animated dog whose cheerful behaviour appeals greatly to many people. Pomeranian dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in India among the present and yesteryear generation.

This breed has a long history in India. It is also one of the first imported dog breeds to India. Pomeranian are admired greatly and loved by people for its cartoon look, small size and cheerful attitude. Pomeranian dogs are highly intelligent, skillful and top performing show dogs.

Appearance : Pomeranian is short and sturdy. It appears attractive in orange, black and white .

4. Dachshund

dachshund dog

The dachshund dogs are energetic, intelligent and very brave. Dachshunds were first born in Germany. It was primarily deployed to hunt badgers. These dogs are smart and very active and they make friendly family companions.

Appearance : The Dachshunds are well balanced and down to ground. It has short sturdy legs and a long body. Dachshunds comes in three coat varieties

5. Doberman


Doberman dogs are one of the popular dog breeds in India as a skillful guard dog. It is extremely powerful, intelligent and fearless. It is suspicious of strangers, watchful and defensive that makes them a perfect watch dog. Its high level of obedience and loyalty makes them an ideal companion for life. Dobermann is the best dog for home security in India.

Appearance: Doberman dogs are medium sized, tall and muscular. Its commonly black with rust colouring in parts of the body such as eyes, legs, feet, chest and tail. The German shepherd dog comes in variety of colours, the predominant colours are black, black and tan and sable

6. Rajapalayam

rajapalayam dog

Rajapalayam, the native dog breed of India is an ancient hound that has its roots in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It appears elegant and majestic. These dogs were predominantly owned by aristocracy and royals.

These dogs are used in Hunting rats and wild boars that are exploiting the fields. It can thrive well in Indian Tropical climate. It is an efficient guard dog and It inhibits territorial characters by nature. These dogs are highly immune to diseases. They rarely have health problems. Rajapalayam is the most popular dog Breed of all Indian origin dog breeds.

Appearance : Rajapalayam Dog is Long and slender and the coat is short and dense. They are seen in colors such as white, Black, fawn and pale brown

7. German Shepherd

german shepherd dog

German Shepherd dogs are intelligent, brave and loyal. German Shepherds are also also known as Alsatian. It is renowned for its for great strength, endurance and its eagerness to be trained and worked. It is also one of the most famous dog breeds in India.

The German Shepherd dogs are praised for many roles. They are praised for being excellent in roles such as blind, rescue, police and service drug dogs. These dogs are immensely loyal to their master and would go to any extent to courageously defend their master. These dogs are extremely fearless, intelligent and can accurately predict the situation around them. They make a skillful guard dog. They are also a good fit for home security. German Shepherd can be seen popularly guarding Indian homes.

Appearance : It has a well Built muscled and a longer body. It has a very good endurance and speed. While German shepherd dogs come in variety of colors, The Black and Tan combination is widely popular.

8. Pug


Pug dogs are playful, charming, and warm that makes them a good house pet since many years. It is known for its friendliness and playful attitude. The pugs are usually kept as a idle companions they usually don’t hold any serious responsibility like guarding or hunting as these are just kept as a fashion symbol by their owners.

The Pug dog is considered as one of the oldest dog breed. Pugs dogs are greatly popular in India especially children loves them the most.

Appearance: It is short, small has a square shaped body with a small tail. Has an unique squashed face. It comes in colours such as fawn, light orange and black.

9. Boxer

boxer dog

Boxer dogs are remarkably intelligent and easily trainable. It is renowned for its strength and endurance. Boxer dogs are charmingly playful and has a good level of patience that makes them a good working & a family dog.

Appearance: Boxer dogs are medium sized, has a well built body, strong bones and muscles. Boxer dogs comes in colours such as fawn, brindle, white or in combination of these colours

10. The Indian Pariah dog

indian pariah gog

Needless to say , The Indian Pariah dog is the native dog breed of India. They live in groups and usually they don’t require much human connection when they are on streets yet they are super friendly and loyal when kept as Pet just like any other dogs. Pariah dogs are fondly referred to as Indie Dogs or Desi dogs. These dogs are very intelligent and Affectionate. It has the ability to survive without human assistance hence they are seen in free ranges in large numbers.

These dogs are very warm and friendly that makes them a good household pet. They are highly immune to diseases. They are very smart and easily trainable and it inhibits territorial character that makes them a good guard and police dog.

Here you have read the top 10 most popular dog breeds in India, and they are also the best dogs breeds in India that are human friendly too. if you feel we missed anything, Let us know by commenting below.

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