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10 Beautiful Small Freshwater Fish for your Aquarium

10 Beautiful Small Freshwater Fish for your Aquarium

Small Freshwater fishes are extremely popular among aquarium enthusiasts who have time constraints to care for fishes. Small Freshwater fishes are easy to maintain and care. One of the major advantages of keeping small fishes is that they don’t require much space. Also small aquarium are easy to clean and maintain.

Also If you are a starter, It is always better to start your fish keeping journey with small freshwater fishes. Fresh water fishes are the most popular and common pets kept by millions of people all over the world. In India, They are the first choice when comes to Fish keeping, It is because small freshwater fishes are easy to be taken care and they require no special needs or requirements to survive like salt water fishes. The cost of maintaining freshwater aquarium is lower comparing to bigger fishes. There are sea of varieties available in Small Freshwater Fishes.

Let’s See 10 most beautiful small freshwater aquarium fish

These are Best fish for small Fish Tank

1. Betta fish

Betta fish is one of the extremely popular small freshwater fishes. They are well known for its reputation for fighting. Betta fishes are liked for their colours and attractive appearance with beautiful fins. Betta fish are can be kept in tanks and also in small containers. Usually male betta fishes are more colourful and have longer fins.

betta fish

Origin: Thailland

Average adult betta fish can be upto 6 cm.

Minimum tank size required – 30 cm

2. White cloud Mountain minnow

White cloud minnow is a beautiful small freshwater fish that can grow up to 4 cm. They are brown in colour with an iridescent horizontal strip and red tail. Male white cloud minnows are attractive and slimmer and female minnows are slighter larger.

white cloud minnow fish

Origin – China

Average adult size – 4 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 45 cm

3. Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami is a tiny freshwater fish of size not more than 5 cm. Males are colourful, striped in blue and red while females are plain silver.

Origin – India

Average Adult size – 5 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 45 cm

4. Honey Gourami

Honey Gourami is slightly similar to dwarf gourami and a small freshwater fish that usually grows up to just 5 cm. Male Honey gourami has a black breast and a yellow dorsal fin while females are paler with a horizontal brown bar.

honey gourami fish with moon gourami fishes
Honey gourami in the middle with moon gourami fishes.

Origin – India

Average adult size – 5 cm.

Minimum Tank size required – 45 cm

5. Chocolate Gourami

Chocolate Gourami fishes are small and can grow up to 5 cm. They have a brown body with vertical gold colour bars. Chocolate Gourami are little difficult to keep in captive environment but they are very much worth the effort.

Origin – Malaysia and Sumatra

Average Adult size – 5 cm

Minimum Tank size required: 45 cm

6. Sparkling Gourami

Sparking Gourami is one of the tiniest freshwater fishes. Average adult size can be up to 3.5 cm. They appear attractive with tiny blue dots on a white body with blue and red speckled fins. Male sparkling Gourami has a pointed dorsal fin.

Origin – Thailand, Sumatra

Average Adult size – 5 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 30 cm

7. Steel Blue Killifish

Steel Blue Killifish belongs to family of Aplocheildae. They are with Blue-green body with red freckles and a yellow edged tail. Average adult size can be up to 8 cm. Males fishes are usually larger and colourful.

steel blue killifish

Origin – Nigeria

Average Adult size – 8 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 60 cm

8. Orchid Dottyback

Orchid Dottyback fish belongs to the family of Pseudochromidae. An average adult size is 8 cm. Orchid Dotty fish would look splendid with purple colour with a black line scaling from mouth to eye.

Orchid dottyback fish

Origin – Red sea

Average Adult Size – 8 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 90 cm

9. Celestial

Celestial fishes belongs to the family of cyprinidae. They can grow up to 10 cm. Celestial fishes are one of the unique and bizarre type freshwater fishes yet beautiful in their own way. They appear in orange, red and black. usually females have fuller bodies and males have tubercles on head.

celestial fish

Origin – China

Average Adult size – 10 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 60 cm

10. Thick Lipped Gourami

Thick lipped Gourami belongs to the family of Belontiidae. It is a small fresh water fish which can grow up to 8 cm. They appear in orange coloured body with turquoise vertical stripes. Male Thick-Lipped Gourami fishes are colourful and long.

thick lipped gourami fish

Origin – India

Average ADult size – 8 cm

Minimum Tank size required – 75 cm

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