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Top Water Plants for Aquarium

Water plants are plants that requires little to no soil to live and can completely live in the water. Housing water plants in the aquarium are not only visually appealing, They provide a safe feeling atmosphere to the Fish

Types of Aquarium water Plants

Aquarium plants are classified into two main categories. They are Substrate and floating type.

Substrate plants are the plants that’s roots are closely attached to the soil on the base of an Aquarium and they grow vertically. There are more significant varieties of substrate plants based on size and growing condition. Though they are retreat to our eyes, Substrate plants plays a nimportant role of providing fish a place to hide and lay eggs.

Floating plants floats on the surface of the water. They completely grow without soil with their roots swing loosely in the water. Floating plants grows rapidly and they require regular pruning. They also be a good food for certain type of aquarium fishes.

How to buy an Aquarium Plant?

Aquarium plants are easily available in Plant nurseries dealing in Water Plants. When buying an Aquarium Plant, you need to thoroughly examine the condition of the Plant. Plant in the good condition appears full green and exhibit the signs of activeness by having roots and offspring.

How to Set up an Aquarium plant in the Tank?

Planting medium such as Aquarium soil or substrate is required if the aquarium plant is of submerged type which requires soil to attach its root. Aquarium planters steel or basket meshes can also be used to provide support to the plant for root development.

Top Plants for an Aquarium

Amazon sword Plant

amazon sword plant

Echinodorus also known as Amazon sword plant is a substrate type plant. It is a very popular aquarium plant among fish keepers. It requires very low maintenance.

The Amazon sword plant can give your aquarium an under sea effect with its dense and long leaves. The Amazon sword plant costs around INR 40 To 80 depending on their size.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is a foreground plant which can make a lawn grass effect in an aquarium, It is a Hardy which found in south American countries’ waters such as Brazil and Argentina

Appearance: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis can grow widespread like a lawn grass covering the entire surface of the tank. It provides a light green ground cover in an Aquarium. It can grow up to 10 – 15 cm in an optimal condition.

The ideal temperature for the plant is between 21 -28 0C . The water should be enriched periodically with substrates.

It prefers a pH between 5.0 to 7.0. This plant is easily available in nurseries and aquariums.

The price of Lilaeopsis brasiliensis is approximately INR 100 – 150

Java moss

java moss plant

Java moss plants are popular choice for freshwater aquarium and also one of the easiest to grow. It provides a good hiding place for fish to hide and lay eggs.

Java moss plants are native to South Asia. It is also available locally in India at Aquariums and Nurseries

Java moss plants has no roots and it absorbs nutrients only through its dark green leaves and stem. Java moss uses its rhizoids to attach itself to an objects such as drift wood, rocks and other aquarium ornaments

Java moss can grow best in medium light condition but it can also thrive in Low light conditions. The bright light exposure could harm the plants growth and could the growth of algae.

An Ideal temperature required for optimal growth is 21 ยฐc to 23 ยฐc. The price of the Java most is approximately INR 100 TO 400 depending on their size.

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