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World’s Dangerous Dog Breeds

World’s Dangerous Dog Breeds

Almost all dog breeds in the world irrespective of their size are capable of being aggressive towards anything they feel that’s threatening them. However certain dog breeds naturally possess very high level of aggression and they are infamously known as ferocious and dangerous dog breeds.

These dog breeds should be trained and nurtured properly when having as a house pet. Since these dog breeds are highly sensitive, they can be easily triggered by anything which could result in serious fatalities to humans especially children.

These dogs were originally bred for purposes such as guarding and hunting. These dog breeds should be socialized properly right from their early stages of growing.

If you are likely to own a dog for the first time, prefer smaller dog breeds since it requires more experience and patience to handle big dog breeds that are highly sensitive in nature.

Although any dog ‘small or big’ can turn aggressive if mishandled. The only truth is that the impact from the bigger dogs are higher than the smaller ones due to their massive strength. So It’s only the dog owner’s responsibility to inculcate them the good behavior.

World Dangerous Dog Breeds

Pit Bull

world’s dangerous dog – PitBull

Pit Bulls are infamously known as one of the dangerous dog breeds in the world. It was originally bred to bait bulls and they were madly trained by senseless people for dog fighting and expected to be ferocious. In fact Pit Bulls are gentle and fun loving dog breeds. They are very loyal and protective it when comes to their family and loved ones.


world's dangerous dog
World’s Dangerous Dog – Rottweiler

The Rottweiler can often be found guarding and protecting the house dutifully otherwise can be seen occupying the headlines for something similar, ‘Rottweiler attacked a kid.. so and so. In fact Rottweiler are not a dangerous dog as media portrays them.

Rottweiler dogs are just a sensitive kid with a sharp teeth. All it requires a proper behavioral training, nourishment and care.


world dangerous dog
World Dangerous Dog – Boerboel

At first glance, you might think the large, intimidating Boerboel would make an excellent guard dog, and you can be correct, but this breed is equally loving, calm, and family-friendly, especially towards human children. These dogs are confident and territorial. They need an assertive, experienced owner with plenty of space for a massive dog that needs to exercise.


world dangerous dog
World’s dangerous dog – Doberman

Doberman dogs are one of the popular dog breeds in India as a skillful guard dog. It is extremely powerful, intelligent and fearless. It is suspicious of strangers, watchful and defensive that makes them a perfect watch dog. Its high level of obedience and loyalty makes them an ideal companion for life.


world's dangerous dog

The bulldog today is unlike the bulldogs at their origin. In early times it was used in bull baiting which is now banned, fortunately. American bulldog being a protective and an intelligent dog that made training easier hence this breed famous for serving as a cattle drover, a livestock controller, and a guard dog, especially for guarding property.

German Shepherd

world dangerous dog

German Shepherd dogs are intelligent, brave and loyal. German Shepherds are also known as Alsatian dogs. It is renowned for its for great strength, endurance and its eagerness to be trained and worked. It is also one of the most famous dog breeds in India.

Great Dane

world dangerous dog

Great Dane dogs are elegant in looks and is a true giant among dogs. It is one of the very old breed that pictures resembling the Great Dane can be found in old Chinese literature and huge dogs are pictured in Egyptian tombs around 3000 BC. However, it was during the middle ages that the breed was refined and developed in Germany. Bred to hunt Europe’s savage wild boars. It is one of the gentle big dog breeds

Akita Inu

world's dangerous dog

Akita Inu is a Japanese dog breed. Its has a imposing, strong, and powerful body. They are fearless and brave, yet they are well composed and polite and behave in a dignified manner. They are independent and aloof with strangers, but to their family they are extremely friendly and loyal.


world's dangerous dog

Boxer dogs are remarkably intelligent and easily trainable. It is renowned for its strength and endurance. They dogs are charmingly playful and has a good level of patience that makes them a good working & a family dog.

Siberian Husky

world dangerous dog

Siberian huskies Dogs are genetically related to wolves. So they slightly possess some traits of wolves. They howl instead of barking and they like to be an alpha. So it is important to provide them a proper behavioral training other huskies are likely to behave dominant towards their owner. Huskies are dogs with exorbitant energy so they are usually hyperactive. Huskies are gentle and loving dogs.

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