Hamster Pet Types & Care

Hamster Pet Types & Care

Are you Fascinated by a hamster pet since the moment you’ve watched them? You are not alone! Because the hamster is an adorable small animal kept as pets in many households. We can just admire the way they eat.

Hamster Pet

Hamsters are by far the most preferred pets in small animals category. It is fun to keep hamsters as pets as they are adorable creatures. You can have hours of enjoyment and fascination just by watching their busy activities out of curiosity. The Notorious little Hamsters are mostly active at night and like to sleep most of the daytime.

If you are the person who would not get to spend most of your time with pets, yet you would love to keep pets, Hamster is the right pet for you. The hamster doesn’t require much attention from their owners and they also require very little maintenance.

How to care for hamsters?

Keeping hamsters as pets is pretty easy. They demand not much maintenance like other pets such as dogs and cats. Let’s go through how to care for a hamster as Pets,

How to handle it?

Hamsters are notorious sometimes, they also have the tendency to bite you. So you should be careful when handling them. Grasp the skin over their shoulders with thumb and two fingers in one hand, and use the other hand to support the rest of the body. Use of the gloves may be useful to handle absolute biters.


Hamsters need to be housed individually in at least 15 inches long and 12-inch tall cabin or hamster cage. As hamsters prefer much alone time, especially females, they tend to fight with other housemates if they feel more congested. Hamster cages in Plastics are available in the Pet Supply store. Avoid cage with wire mesh as It can hurt the hamster’s paws


Bedding is a must at the bottom of the hamster cage. It serves for two purposes, acts a soft lining protecting them from bruises and scratches; also acts as a waste absorber. You can make bedding for hamsters using wood shavings available such as aspen shavings in Pet Supply stores and using wool. Bedding should be changed completely at least twice a week.

Hamster Food

You can feed hamsters, the pellets available in Pet stores along with nutritious home food options such as sprouts, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Be sure not to overfeed your hamster, weight gain causes several ill-health to your hamster which could disintegrate the quality of their Life.

Just like other rodents, hamsters are known to hide the food that may make you believe that you are not feeding them enough. It is important to keep in check the amount of food they eat to avoid overweight and related illness

Types of Hamster

syrian hamster
Syrian Hamster

Commonly, There are five types of hamster pets available in pet stores for sale.

They are 1. Syrian Hamsters, 2. Chinese Hamsters, 3. Campbell’s Russian Hamster, 4. Winter White Hamster, 5. Roborovskii Hamster

Hamster Toys

You must provide them with toys to not make them feel bored. There are varieties of hamster toys available in Pet stores. Running wheel, Tower toy are some must buy.

How to clean a Hamster cage

Hamster cage should be cleaned properly from time to time. It should be cleaned at least once a week. Failing to that may result in bad odor emanating from them as hamster bedding might have absorbed days of hamster’s urine and excreta and also may have spoilt foods. Unhygienic cage may also cause ill health to hamsters.

Use Regular to wash the hamster cage. Dispose off the bedding completely and start newly again.

Setting up a New Home

When you decided to keep, hamster as a pet, Make sure to buy hamster cage, drinking bottles, ceramic food Plates, and bedding materials in order to set up a comfy living place to your hamster pet. Also, Forget not to buy toys to keep your hamsters away from boredom.

How to identify the hamster’s gender?

Male hamsters are identified by the presence of two pigmented spots in their hip areas. Meanwhile, It will not be present in female hamsters.

Breeding in Hamsters

Female hamsters experience a heat cycle every four days. Male hamsters can be introduced to her cage at that time. The gestation period of a hamster is approximately 18 days.

Common diseases of Hamsters and Prevention

Good sanitation & high nutrient food can prevent most diseases. Nutrition deficiency in the most common cause of weakness and paralysis in hamsters. Feeding highly nutritious foods such as commercially available food pellets, whole grains and sprouts can prevent nutrition deficiency in hamsters.


The Life span of Hamster can be up to 2 years.

Hamster Price

The Price of hamsters available in pet stores or at breeders is generally dependent on the types of hamsters you need, your location, and more importantly the quality of the hamster. There is no fixed price for hamsters.

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