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PetButty is India’s trusted online veterinary health care consultation service provider. India’s Experienced veterinarians on Standby to provide you reliable online veterinary consultation services.

Our Online Veterinary Services


General Pet Health Consultation

E.g. Minor Illness (Dog Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea)


Pet Behavioral Consultation

E.g. (Dog Excessive barking, Aggression, Anxiety)

Yorkshire terrier

Pet Skin and Hair Care Consultation

E.g. (Hair Fall, Skin infections, Wound care)

pet bowl

Pet Nutrition Consultation

E.g. (Puppy diet, Diabetes dog diet, Cat diet)

dog paw

Second Vet opinion

E.g. (Medical Report analysis, Chronic disease management)

dog house

Pet Parenting Consultation

E.g. (New puppy home, Puppy vaccination)

Our Online Veterinary Experts

Dr. Pritish Rath
B.V.Sc. & A.H, M.Vsc

Experienced Veterinary Consultant & Surgeon, expertise in Veterinary Surgery, Radiology, Preventive Care, Vaccination, Nutrition, Wound care management, Deworming, and Anesthesia monitoring. Member of  Indian Council of advanced canine practice.

Dr. Prafulla Kumar Mishra & AH (Gold Medalist)

Experienced Veterinary consultant & Surgeon with expertise in treating Pet animals, Farm animals such as Cattle, Equine, Bovine, and Birds. Member of the Indian Veterinary council.

Dr. Prabha Sharma
BVSc & AH, MVSc, (Ph.D.)
Experienced in handling all cases pertaining to small animals especially dogs and cats and respective diagnostics and imaging namely radiography, ultrasonography, and echocardiography.
Acknowledged with wound management, anesthesia, and soft tissue surgeries.
Confident in treating large ruminants, small ruminants, and pet birds too.
Gold Medalist in B.Vsc & MVsc
Attending various camps at the field level.
Member of ISVS

Special Packages

Essential Care

  • Chat/Audio Consultation
  • Begin Consultation in 30 minutes
  • Personalized Care
  • Free 2 follow-ups
  • 2 days Validity
  • Package: Rs. 199/-

Advanced Care

  • Chat/Audio/Video Consultation
  • Begin Consultation in 30 minutes
  • Personalized Care
  • Free 7 follow-ups
  • 7 days validity
  • Package Rs: 399/-

Chat/Talk with expert veterinarians online for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, cows, horses, and other small and large pets. Expert Veterinary doctors at PetButty will provide the best possible solution to your concerns. Begin your Online Vet Consultation with PetButty Veterinary Doctor in 30 minutes.
Book your schedule for online veterinary consultation now at ₹199. For queries, please contact PetButty care through WhatsApp at +91-7010200909

What Pet Parents Say about us


Good Experience….My pet got fever and cold discharge from nose… Doctor prescribed some med..he recovered in 2days only.

Kushal Das

Sugandha Dogra

Exceptionally professional coordination and helpful. Highly Recommended.

Sugandha Dogra

pet parent

Supriya Achutha

They have really good service online. As I am staying outside India, it was difficult to find a vet where I live, this online portal made me feel way back home. Doctor was also good, he didn’t prescribe too many medicines only that was necessary and easily available in any medical shop. Within 3 days I saw improvement in my Dog. Thanks for the help!!

Supriya Achutha

🐶 Dog Vet Consultation

✔ Personalized Dog Care Consultation
Canine Behavioural Consultation
Canine Nutrition Consultation

🐱 Cat Vet Consultation

✔ Personalized Cat Care consultation
Cat Behavioural Consultation
Feline Nutrition

🦜Avian Vet Consultation

✔ Personalized Avian Care consultation
Avian Behavioural Consultation
Avian Nutrition Consultation

Why Online Veterinary Consultation at PetButty?

  • Save travel time and long waiting times at the veterinary hospital.
  • Can’t reach the veterinary hospital? We have expert veterinary doctors on standby. Connect to the vets via call and chat communications.
  • Need Personalized pet care? We have got you covered.
  • Talk to the experts in veterinary medicine.

Note: In case of Emergency or Injury, seek immediate medical help from the nearest veterinarian.


1. Can I Consult For My Pet Bird

Yes, You can consult a vet online for your Pet Bird. PetButty has Veterinarians experienced in avian treatment to provide you the best medical advice regarding the concerns about your Pet Birds.

2. Can I Consult a Vet online For a Dog?

Yes, you can consult a vet online for your dog. Experienced veterinarians at Petbutty will provide you the best advice on matters concerning your Pet dog.

3. Can I have Online Vet Consultation for Exotic Pets?

Yes, you can consult a vet online for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and mouse. For queries. Please contact us through whatsapp at +91 7010200909

4. Can I Talk to a Vet online For my Pet Turtle?

You can get online Veterinary doctor Consultation for Turtle, & Fishes at PetButty. Get the best advice on the concerns regarding your aquarium pets.

5. Can I Consult a Veterinary doctor online for Large Animals?

You can consult our veterinary doctors online for Cattle, Horse and other large animals that are allowed to be kept at homes by the Government of India.

6. Can I get a Vet Prescription Online?

Once the consultation gets over, the doctor will share the vet prescription online. You can easily purchase prescription medicines from your local vet pharmacies.

7. Can I consult a Veterinarian online for my Cow?

Yes, Our Veterinary Doctors can provide you best possible medical solutions for the health problems of your cows.


PetButty is a unique online vet consultation platform, providing the best online veterinary doctor consultation services in India with true dedication and care.