PetButty Among Top 100 Pet Blogs and Websites

We are very glad to announce that our website has been selected among Top 100 Pet Blogs and Websites in 2020 all over the world by Feedspot. We are proud to have our brand among the top names of the industry. It’s the quality that matters and we believe in hard work. We suggest you visit the following link to see us among Top brands in the industry.

Top 100 Pet Websites and Blogs For Pet Owners & Lovers in 2020

We pay thanks and appreciate the efforts of Feedspot’s Founder, Anuj Agrawal and his team.

PetButty is a leading online pet store where you can shop discounted quality products for your non-human companions with trust. To take care of your beloved animals we provide online Vet consultation services by professionals. As well, we have our blog that helps pet owners and lovers in making the life of their pets more cheerful.

We aim to take care of pets and help pet owners deciding what is best for their pets. We always respect and value our customers and that’s the secret why people trust in our name. We are always ready to help you. Do connect with us to take advantage of our supreme services.

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Hammad Ali is pursuing his carrier in veterinary medicine and loves to write about pets and animals. Being a veterinary professional and freelance writer, he spends most of his time with pet parents and top-notch veterinary professionals debating pet’s lifestyle. After thorough research, he provides practical science-based informative tips to his audience for making their pet lives cheerful. Besides that, you can also find him in a library or backyard with a cup of tea.