Vet Approved Homemade Puppy Food recipes

Homemade Puppy Food As Survey conducted in US, more than 60% - 80% of dog owners feed commercial dog foods to their puppy yet significant amount of dog owners prefers to prepare homemade puppy food on their own for the following reasons. Some Dog owners feel that the nutritional label on the commercial dog foods are misleading and not transparent enough.They think that ingredients used in the commercial foods are of lower quality.They also also think that commercial dog food contains chemical and additives. Pros of Homemade Puppy Food Dog owners like preparing food on their own for their dogs.They want to use only organic and chemical free ingredients on their puppy food. Cons of Homemade Puppy Food. Though the decision to stick with homemade food appears like a good one, preparing a balanced diet for a puppy is not that easy. Feeding unbalanced homemade foods to a puppy can…

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German Shepherd puppies price in India, Buy/Adopt Puppies

Consider Adoption to discourage animal cruelty. German Shepherd also popularly known as Alsatian is a popular dog breed in India. If you're thinking to buy German Shepherd, the price of the German shepherd in India would be between 10,000 to above 50,000 INR

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Best Cat food in India

If you are a cat or a kitten owner, Probably you will want to know the affordable and best cat food in India. Cat foods can be bought easily from local pet stores and online pet stores but there is always an advantage in buying online, like you will get a better price, there will be wide variety of cat foods to choose from and most importantly, cat foods will be home delivered. The food that you will provide to your cat must always be healthy and nutritious. Food is the most important aspect for your cat's health and wellness. While it is extremely good to prepare homemade food for cats, sometimes it may miss out the necessary ingredient required in the cat's diet and it is also less affordable and time consuming to prepare cat food from home, so the better solution obviously will be buying some best commercial…

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Blue Bay Shepherd – History of the Breed

Blue Bay Shepherd is a new upcoming dog breed, still in the developing stage. This dog breed is expected to be wolf alike with tainted-blue coat. Blue Bay shepherd got is its name from its birth place Palm bay, Florida and its parent breed, German shepherd. The parent breed of the Blue Bay shepherd is German shepherd which is a popular medium sized dog breed, which originally bred to herd sheep. It's Average height and weight are similar to that of German Shepherds Blue Bay Shepherds are beautiful, intelligent, friendly and highly engaging dogs. Their Looks are extremely astonishing with blue eyes and blue tinted coat. When Blue Bay Shepherd dog be available for sale? According to its founder Vicky Spencer, Blue Bay Shepherd breed is currently in the development stage and not available in mainstream. So if you see any dog sellers claiming to be having Blue bay Shepherd,…

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What Should I Feed dog? Best Dog Diet Plan For Your Dog

Wondering What to Feed Dog? If you think, dogs just need to eat meat to be healthy, you are wrong. Dogs are not narrow minded carnivores. Dogs need more than just meat in their diet to stay healthy. You should feed dog a balanced diet comprises of Protein, carbs, fibers, fats and other essential nutrients. Dog requires different requirements depending on their age, breed, size and other aspects such as medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, kidney and liver problems. How many Times required to feed dog in a day? Experts advise to feed dog, two meal in a day. One meal in the morning and other meal in the the evening. What to Feed a Puppy? What kind of Food you feed your puppy is very crucial. Puppy hood is the time a dog will require much nutrition and care and that only determines their health at their later…

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Flowerhorn Fish Types, Care and breeding

Flowerhorn is a great pet fish, highly loved for its magnificent appearance with kok, a protruding part in the head which looks extremely beautiful and its interactive behavior with people. Flowerhorn fishes are believed as Vastu fish or lucky fish among certain religious People. Flower horn Fishes are man-made hybrid fishes, which have a close relatedness to the hybrid red parrot fish and few other cichlids. Initially, Flowerhorns were called Luohans, but the detailed history of this fish is still unclear as they were not documented properly. Temperament Flowerhorn Fishes are semi aggressive, they tend to be over aggressive when they are stressed and when a new fish is introduced to the tank. They can't be kept together with small fishes as flowerhorns may hurt or eat them. Some Flowerhorns can Peacefully live with other fishes but it is entirely depends on the individual character of your Flowerhorn. You should…

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All you need to know about Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the most popular breed in dogs. Even a person who doesn’t know about Dogs can recognize  ‘A Lab’ in an instance. Labrador retrievers are commonly called lab in the short form. But because of lack of information about this breed’s dietary and medical needs, health risks and awareness on how to take care of them, they happen to be the most abandoned dog breed also. Labradors are special! So they deserve a special care as well! Labrador are mostly associated with a mild temperament, their behaviour has a lot to do with their training. A properly trained Labrador can be an assistant dog for the blind person. But if not trained properly, the result could be disastrous as they are full of energy. Labrador care They simply love to eat and can eat anything. This is why we should keep food and treats out of their reach. Labrador…

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