10 Best Dog Food in India for Dogs and Puppies

10 Best Dog Food in India for Dogs and Puppies

If you are an Indian dog parent, We know how difficult it is to choose the right dog food brand for your dog in India. Indian market is flooded with a large number of lesser-known imported dog food brands. So If you are a new dog food buyer, certainly you will feel a little difficult to choose the right brand. So we have decided to simplify your task of finding the right dog food brand for your puppy or senior dog. Here you’ll know 10 best dog food brands in India

The food that you feed your dog must be healthy and highly nutritious. while it is great to prepare your dog food from home, sometimes it may not feasible to prepare dog food from home due to time factor and cost factor, and also it may lack nutrition required for your dog. The next best thing you can do is to rely on commercial dog foods. Let’s First see the types of dog food available in the market.

Types of dog food

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog foods are the most popular and convenient type of dog food. They are the driest form of dog usually extruded in kibble shaped pellets or biscuits. It contains only 3% – 7% moisture content that enables them last for longer days without spoilage by microorganisms. Dry dog foods are more economical and convenient than wet dog foods.

Semi-wet dog food

Semi-moist dog foods contains 20% – 45% moisture content. Compared to dry dog foods, Semi-moist dog foods are more energy-dense. They come in vacuum packaging with a shorter shelf life and cannot be stored for a longer period and expensive than dry dog foods.

Wet dog food

Wet dog contains up to 75% moisture content. They are pouches filled with flavorful gravy or sauce along with chunks of meat or soya. Usually they are fed to the dog along with home-cooked or dry dog foods. They are less economical than dry and semi-moist dog food and also they have a shorter shelf life.

How to choose the right dog food brand

When it is coming to purchasing commercial dog food for your dog, make sure you do your part of the research and buy the right dog food.

Market shelves are flooded with many dog food brands claiming to be best. We know how difficult it is to not fall for their marketing gimmicks. So Let’s know first how to choose the right dog food.

Good dog food will not contain any fillers. Fillers are ingredients in dog food that have no nutritional benefit but just added to improve the texture or weight of the food. Generally corn bran, rice husks, and similar products are used as fillers. If you come to notice any above-mentioned fillers as an ingredient in any dog good, It is best to avoid buying them.

Good dog food will not contain any animal byproducts which are not fit for human consumption including but not limited to bones, cartilages, skin, nails, hair, and internal organs.

Top 10 Best dog food brands in India

1. Royal canin dog food

best dog food in india

Royal Canin is the most trusted and one of the best dog food brands in India. Quality and affordability are what makes them the best in the market. Royal Canin has a tailor-made solution for each dog breed keeping in mind their peculiar dietary needs based on age, energy, and dietary requirement. So, If you are looking for a reliable dog food brand, look no further Royal Canin is the best bet in India.

2. Orijen dog food

orijen puppy food

If you are looking for a protein-packed food for your dog, Orijen dog food is the best bet. They are manufactured keeping in mind the dog’s basic biological needs. So obviously it should do good for your dog. Origen dog food products contain more than 90% meat which is 3 to 4 times more protein than most conventional dog foods. What makes Orijen dog food superior is that each of their product comes with a guaranteed 30% minimum crude protein.

3. Acana Dog Food

acana dog food

The next in the line comes, Acana dog foods, one of the best dog food brands in India. Acana belongs to the same parent group of Orijen. All of their products are appropriately prepared to match up with the dog’s biological needs with locally sourced high-quality food ingredients from Canada. You can find Acana dog foods a litter pricier, but its definitely worth the price for its quality and for being an imported dog food brand.

4. Taste of the Wild Dog Food

taste of the wild dog foood

The concept of this brand is preparing a dog diet that resembles the natural diet of their ancestors, the wild dogs/ wolves who usually hunt and eat in the wild.

Taste of the wild dog foods is high-quality dog foods, prepared with meat ingredients such as beef, wild boar, etc.., contained in the diet of the dog’s ancestors. The ingredients include beef, bison, wild boar, smoked trout, etc.., that wolves prey on while in the wild.

5. Arden Grange Dog Food

arden grange dog food

Arden Grange dog foods are hypoallergenic, which are free from any allergy-causing food ingredients. If your dog is said to have any food-related allergy, Arden Grange dog foods are the right option.

6. Drools Dog Food

best dog food in india

Drools is a prominent Indian dog food brand renowned for products of premium quality with great affordability. They are the best value for money when it comes to the quality of dog food. It makes them one of the best dog food brands in India.

7. Wag and Love dog food

wag and love dog food

Wag and Love is another well-known dog food brand in India that positioned itself in the premium dog food segment. Their dog products are manufactured with high-quality human-grade food ingredients, abiding international quality standards. It is one of the grain-free, low glycemic dog food in India offering all-round nutrition to your dog.

8. Hill’s Science Diet Dog food

hills science diet puppy food

Hills Pet is a very unique dog food company that claims to scientifically innovating dog food, while most dog brands endorse natural dog food in the advertisement. All the products they have been manufacturing will be consistent in quality and nutrition. So most veterinarians recommend Hills Pet as a prescription diet for illness and nutrition deficiency. Ultimately It is one of the best dog food brands in India.

9. Pedigree dog food

pedigree dog food

Pedigree is the first name that will pop up in people’s minds while thinking a dog food in India. Pedigree is a well-known dog food brand in India. They are affordable in price and value for money with satisfactory quality. If you are looking for affordable dog food, pedigree is the one. Pedigree dog foods are the most preferred option for dog rescuers and rescue homes as they are very affordable that enables rescuers to buy them in larger quantities to feed a large number of rescued dogs.

10. Himalaya Dog food

himalaya dog food

Himalaya dog food is a product by the well known Indian brand. Himalaya’s product for humans is highly regarded, their dog food products are a little lower in fame. As far as their dog food products are concerned, they are pretty appreciative of satisfactory quality. There are more positive reviews coming from the dog owners who buy Himalaya dog food them.


The above-listed items are currently the best dog food brands in India. Though commercial dog foods are claiming or at least marketed to be the complete diet food containing all the nutrients required for your dog, It is always good to include some home-prepared foods in your dog’s diet to ensure the best health for your dog.