20 Inspirational Dog quotes and dog sayings

Dogs have so many wonderful qualities and they are such an inspiration in our day to day life. They can really really inspire you in Life. Here are some of the best inspirational dog quotes and dog sayings that you can directly follow in your Life. 1. "Handle every situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away" - Unknown 2. "If your dog is fat, you need more exercise." - unknown 3. "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn't ever know we had." - Tom Jones 4. "They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal". - Tom Hayden 5. "A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you…

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Best Aquarium Plants for your Aquarium

Aquarium plants requires little to no soil to live and can completely live in the water. Housing water plants in the aquarium are not only visually appealing, They provide a safe feeling atmosphere to the Fish. Types of Aquarium Plants Aquarium plants are classified into two main categories. They are Substrate plants and floating plants. Substrate plants are the plants that's roots are closely attached to the soil on the base of an Aquarium and they grow vertically. There are more significant varieties of substrate plants based on size and growing condition. Though they are retreat to our eyes, Substrate plants plays a nimportant role of providing fish a place to hide and lay eggs. Floating plants floats on the surface of the water. They completely grow without soil with their roots swing loosely in the water. Floating plants grows rapidly and they require regular pruning. They also be a…

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10 Native Dog Breeds in India you should Know

Would you believe? If we say, All Desi Indian dog breeds will go extinct over a few decades. Yes, It is all possible if Indians don't stop the craziness about the foreign dog breeds. The Indian dog breeds are highly intelligent, strong and courageous. They are incomparable to foreign dog breeds as they are unique in their own way, naturally possessing the very own qualities that is required to thrive in India. They are hardly exposed to any kind of disease as they are immensely immune to them. They can adapt well in the tropical climate of India. Indian dogs are also known as desi dogs. It is high time to turn our attention towards Indian Dog breeds to revive their population from going down further. Let's see the 10 best native dog breeds of India. 1. Chippiparai dog Chippiparai is one of celebrated Indian dogs Breeds. Chippiparai is an…

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Pit bull Dog Breed Profile

Pit Bull dog, also known as American Pit Bull Terrier in some parts of the world have been popularly known as the courageous and a loyal dog. In the same level, Pit bull dogs are highly infamous for their aggressiveness. This was due to the practice of unethical breeders, breeding the two most aggressive dog they could get to develop Pit bull dogs for the illegal dog Fights. Country of origin: EnglandBreed name: American Pitbull TerrierBreed Group: Terriers, Bulldog type / Working dogsBreed Color: Black, pure white with pointed markings of colors include red, copper or gray color variations.Average weight: 45 - 53 cmAverage height: 16 - 30 kg The Pitbulls were intially bred for bull-baiting practice. It fastly emerged on to become into companion and house dogs because of their high intelligence and gentleness with people especially children. These dogs are very strong and playful. They excel in various sports, such as…

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Dogs with Blue eyes : Blue eyed dogs

Blue eyes in dogs are quite rare but they are very beautiful. The blue eyes in dogs are mostly caused by the lack of pigmentation in the dog's eyes. It can occur occasionally in all dog breeds but it is very predominant in white colored dogs. Let's meet those blue eyed dog breeds. Dogs with blue eyes Rajapalayam View this post on Instagram A post shared by PetButty (@petbutty) on Dec 22, 2019 at 4:28am PST Blue Eyed Siberian Husky dog Australian Shepherd dog with blue eyes Blue eyes in Border collie dog Weimaraner dogs with blue eyes

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Unique Desi Indian Dog Names – Male & Female

Are you Confused what to name your new puppy? We know how difficult task it is for a pet parent to name your beloved puppy. To help you in this regard, Here we have some Best & unique Indian dog Names for your cute special puppy with desi touch. we Hope you will get some inspiration. Unique Male dog names for male puppy - desi dog names The following male dog names are desi version of dog names. They are short and sweet. And also easy to be recognized by your male puppy. 1.Aarav2.Bairav3.Balu4.Babloo5.Bittu6.Brownie7.Butters8.Dhruv9.Gopi10. Jaima11. Jhony12. Lakshman13. Oreo14. Ramu15. Raju16. Raven17. Rocket18. Rubbers19. Sam20. Sanju21. Scoobie22. Sheenu23. Shiro24. Teju25. Tejas26. Tinku27. Tommy28. Thashoo29. Thaboo30. Vikki31.Max Cute Female Indian dog names - desi dog names The following female Indian dog names are desi version of dog names. They are short , cute and sweet. And also easy to be recognized by…

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10 most Popular dog breeds in India

Best Dog Breeds in India Dog are fondly referred to as Man's best friend which cannot go untrue ever. Yes, Dogs are the most affectionate and intelligent animals one can ever have as a pet companion and there can be no question of its certainty ever. Dogs are the easiest pet animal to be managed at home. While most famous dogs breeds in India are of foreign origin, few Indian dogs are also equally popular. Here we see the 10 most popular dogs breeds in India. And these are the best dog breeds for Indian climate. Some of the best Pet dogs in India are Most Popular dog breeds in India 1. Golden Retriever The Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly, responsible and well mannered dogs. They are one of the most recognized and popular dog breeds not only in India but all around the world. This breed is known for…

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Types of Fish Diseases, Prevention & Treatment

Aquarium fishes are exposed to several types of diseases. Most of the diseases are very common and easily treatable. By knowing how diseases in Fish occur, you will be able to better prevent them or treat them. Preventive measures There are several micro organisms which can cause an infection, but these organisms just simply can't mess with fishes. It's because Fishes have the natural immunity to fight off with microbes but if the fish has got an open injury on its body by chance, fighting for an instance, There lies an higher chance for fungal attack, In such cases it is advisable to keep the affected fish in a separate tank in order to treat and prevent further infection or disease spread to other fishes in the tank. While introducing a new fish into the tank, It is not advisable to empty the fish directly into the tank. It's because…

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My Pet animal cat – Short essay in 10 lines

My Pet Cat Essay - 1 I have a pet cat. It’s name is Ginger. It’s color is white.Ginger has beautiful blue eyes and a fluffy hair coat. Ginger's Favourite food is Milk and Fish. It's very playful and friendly with everyone It likes playing with ball and jumping around. Ginger is a very smart cat.  It can be very lazy sometimes. I love my pet cat, Ginger very much. My Pet Animal cat Essay - 2 I have a pet cat. It's name is Billie. I like Billie very much. Billie likes me too. Billie likes to play with me everyday.She is very kind and friendly. She Likes to play with ball in the garden and chase mouses and insects. Billie likes milk and cat food She likes sleeping near me my bed during the night.Everyone in my family likes Billie. I too love my Pet cat, Billie. My…

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Discus Fish – Breed information & care

Do you know ? Discus fish have a bit strange form of parental care, the adult discus fish secrete a mucus like substance on their skin to enable its young ones to feed on it for nourishment. The Discus fishes are abundantly found in tributaries of the Amazon River in South America. Discus fish have a bit strange form of parental care - the adults secrete a mucus like substance on their skin to enable the young ones to feed on it for nourishment. Some reports indicate that both parents are involved in the care of the young, taking turns in looking after the babies. The discus fish is also known as cobalt fish Discus fish Genus -  Symphysodon  Family -  Cichlidae (order Perciformes), characteristics - compressed, disk-shaped body. Discus Fish Habitat Discus fish is naturally a carnivore type fish, It feeds on small fish and fry, worms and aquatic insects. Discus fish are difficult…

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