Best Cat food in India

If you are a cat or a kitten owner, Probably you will want to know the affordable and best cat food in India. Cat foods can be bought easily from local pet stores and online pet stores but there is always an advantage in buying online, like you will get a better price, there will be wide variety of cat foods to choose from and most importantly, cat foods will be home delivered. The food that you will provide to your cat must always be healthy and nutritious. Food is the most important aspect for your cat's health and wellness. While it is extremely good to prepare homemade food for cats, sometimes it may miss out the necessary ingredient required in the cat's diet and it is also less affordable and time consuming to prepare cat food from home, so the better solution obviously will be buying some best commercial…

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What are Male and Female Cat called – Behavioral Difference Between a Male and Female Cat

Do you know what male and female cat is called? A Female cat is called as Queen while the male cat is called as Tom. Behavioral Difference Between male and female cats The difference between male and female cats is small but definitely not insignificant. Boys are more affectionate and friendly towards the other cats in the home, they enjoy playing and chasing with their roommate and their owners. Friendships between two male cats tend to be the strongest and gentlest. Males will show tenderness to both, the other male and the female cats (they will sneak together, bathe, rub their heads against each other as a sign of affection). Female cats are far more mistrustful of strangers (which is logical if we consider that a mother would protect her young if she saw an unknown animal or human). They are also more independent than males, and they are more…

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My Pet animal cat – Short essay in 10 lines

My Pet Cat Essay - 1 I have a pet cat. It’s name is Ginger. It’s color is white.Ginger has beautiful blue eyes and a fluffy hair coat. Ginger's Favourite food is Milk and Fish. It's very playful and friendly with everyone It likes playing with ball and jumping around. Ginger is a very smart cat.  It can be very lazy sometimes. I love my pet cat, Ginger very much. My Pet Animal cat Essay - 2 I have a pet cat. It's name is Billie. I like Billie very much. Billie likes me too. Billie likes to play with me everyday.She is very kind and friendly. She Likes to play with ball in the garden and chase mouses and insects. Billie likes milk and cat food She likes sleeping near me my bed during the night.Everyone in my family likes Billie. I too love my Pet cat, Billie. My…

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Ragdoll Cat – Breed Profile
Ragdoll are living dolls

Ragdoll Cat – Breed Profile

Ragdoll cat breed has the large imposing figure but contrary to that, when lifted up by people, the cat relaxes all its muscles to go as weak as a floppy doll which paved way to name the cat Ragdoll by its original breeder. History of Ragdoll cat The Age of the Ragdoll breed is approximately just 55 to 58 years. The first Birthplace of the Ragdoll cat breed is California in 1960s since then it has become increasingly popular outside the US and is recognized by the cat associations. Ragdoll was originally bred to develop a large affectionate cat breed Ragdoll cat Temperament Ragdoll is extremely friendly to humans. They tend to follow people wherever they go, Likes to greet people at the door. They are very much tolerant of quirks and whim of others toward them and it quickly becomes devoted to its owners. Ragdoll cats are gentle cats…

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