Lamb dog Food Nutrition
lamb dog food

Lamb dog Food Nutrition

Protein is a vital macro nutrient that must be included in dog's diet. Dogs need protein to build, repair and maintain body tissues, cartilages, skin, hair, nails and to help efficient functioning of the body metabolism. Lamb meat is a great protein source for dogs and the ingredient is available in many dog food options. Nutrients Present in Lamb dog food Lamb meat is delicious and loaded with lots of protein and is a good source of dietary fats, calcium and Iron which helps boost your dog's stamina. The Lamb meat also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals that support muscle development and maintains skin and coat health in dogs. What is the difference between a Lamb meat and Lamb meal? Lamb meat is a Fresh meat which retains more water content/ Lamb meal is rendered version of the meat that contains less water content where in all tissues from…

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My Pet dog Essay for School Children

My pet dog essay - Short Paragraph in 100 words Essay on Dog Just Like most people, My favourite pet animal is dog. I love dogs, Because dogs are the most unique pet animals and there can be no better pets than dogs. Dogs would love their master more than they love themselves. Even I would say, Dogs are the most selfless creatures in the world. Dogs play multiple roles in the house. They act as a guardian of the house, they act as a playmate to every one in the house especially to the children, acts as a loyal companion to its house members, and above all they become a wonderful family member in the house. That's why I love my Pet dog more than anything. My Pet Dog Essay - 1 (10 lines) Dog is my favourite Pet.We have a Pet dog at home.His name is TommyHe is…

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Dog years to Human years Calculator

If you age like a dog, how old you would be? Ever wondered how old are you in dog years? Find your age in Dog years. Find your Age in Dog Years Dog Year Calculator Enter your age: Your age in Dog Years is: Dog years to Human Years Chart Generally dog's age are compared with of 7 human years but it had got redefined considering various parameters such breed type, size and rate of mortality. Have a look at the dog years to human years comparison Dog's Age Small Medium Large Giant 11515 15 1522424 24 2453638 42 4874448 52 58105660 64 78126470 78 92157684 94 1162096106 120

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10 most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the world

Almost all dog breeds in the world irrespective of their size are capable of being aggressive towards anything they feel that's threatening them. However certain dog breeds naturally possess very high level of aggression and they are infamously known as ferocious and dangerous dog breeds. These dog breeds should be trained and nurtured properly when having as a house pet. Since these dog breeds are highly sensitive, they can be easily triggered by anything which could result in serious fatalities to humans especially children. These dogs were originally bred for purposes such as guarding and hunting. These dog breeds should be socialized properly right from their early stages of growing. If you are likely to own a dog for the first time, prefer smaller dog breeds since it requires more experience and patience to handle big dog breeds that are highly sensitive in nature. Although any dog 'small or big'…

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Can Dog Eat Rice Everyday?
can dogs eat rice

Can Dog Eat Rice Everyday?

Rice is a Staple food for Large number of People living around the world. Rice is a rich source of carbohydrates which is a great fuel for energy. Is Rice for dogs a good idea? But Here the question is Can a dog eat rice? Definitely yes, Dogs can eat rice. In fact Rice is a good home remedy for dogs that has digestive problems also Rice for dogs is in fact a great remedy to treat diarrhea in dogs. Can dogs eat rice Everyday? Rice has many good things. They are great remedy to treat diarrhea in dogs and also a great source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Despite all of the goodness it has, Feeding too much of Rice can become a problem to your dog, because Rice has higher glycemic Index which can spike up the blood sugar, so over eating of rice can cause diabetes. So…

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Why Dogs get Diarrhea and Why dogs throw up?

Why dogs have diarrhea and vomit? Why dogs get diarrhea and why dogs throw up are the two most haunting question the dog owners will try to find an answer and it is also the most difficult time for both the dog and you as well, because you don't like to see your dog suffer. Let's see how to tackle diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. At rare instances, dogs can do vomiting and have diarrhea at the same time, It can occur due to simple food poisoning to serious illness such as cancer, kidney ailments, etc. A visit to the vet is must in this condition. Why dogs throw up? The reason why dogs dogs throw could be for several things. If a dog feels a little nauseating, he tries to vomit to relieve himself. It also happens when a dog eats a Large meal, he will vomit it up,…

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How to help a dog with Anxiety?

Dog with Anxiety Anxiety is sense of fear or sadness over an unknown or unsure reason. Anxiety in people are sometimes more delusional than real. Bitter experiences in the past can also make people anxious about future. Just Like People, Dogs do can experience anxiety or fear at any point of time. Dog with Anxiety issues behaves unusual than normal dogs. Dogs get anxious for various reason. Most can be helped by giving a close attention to the behaviour of your dog and understanding by their body language. Separation Anxiety in Dogs Separation anxiety is the most common type of anxiety in dogs. If a dog was not trained to be independent, he would experience a separation anxiety whenever his owners leave him home alone. Barking continuously, Pooping or peeing on the floor, Chewing shoes and similar stuffs, Banging at the doors, not eating and aggression are some of the…

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How many hours dog sleep in a day?

Dog sleep more than half of their day and Some dogs can even sleep all day except for a few food and loo breaks. How may hours do dog sleep? Dogs spend more than half of their Lifetime in Sleeping. On an average, Dog sleep time ranges from for 10 to 13 hours in a day. Also Dogs that spend more time at Indoor sleeps more than the dogs that spend more time at Outdoors. Boredom and Loneliness can also impacts in the dog's sleeping pattern. Dogs with Inadequate playtime and engagement tends to sleep more than dogs who have all them. Climatic conditions also can have a role in dog's sleep pattern. Dogs tend to sleep more at cloudy and colder days than sunny days. In certain cases dogs can sleep more than usual due to Lethargy or other medical conditions and some can sleep very less and be…

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Dog Fever : First Aid, Treatment & Home Remedies

Fever in dogs is a natural defense mechanism of the body to elevate the temperature so as to kill the disease causing pathogens that intruded into the body. Usually Normal Dog & Cat body temperature ranges between 99° F and 102.5° F and temperature beyond that is said to be fever and may be accompanied by common Fever symptoms. Fever usually subsidizes on its own but in some cases it may require medical attention. There are some common Symptoms of Dog Fever that can be seen when your dog fall ill. Symptoms of Fever in Dogs 1. Lethargy, sleepy or Tired2. Depressed or confused3. Vomiting4. Diarrhea5. Not eating Food and water. If you notice the above symptoms in your dog or cat, Appointed with the vet is advisable. In the meantime aiding the pet with the following home remedies will help improve the condition. Common cause of Fever in dogs…

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10 Native Dog Breeds in India you should Know

Would you believe? If we say, All Desi Indian dog breeds will go extinct over a few decades. Yes, It is all possible if Indians don't stop the craziness about the foreign dog breeds. The Indian dog breeds are highly intelligent, strong and courageous. They are incomparable to foreign dog breeds as they are unique in their own way, naturally possessing the very own qualities that is required to thrive in India. They are hardly exposed to any kind of disease as they are immensely immune to them. They can adapt well in the tropical climate of India. Indian dogs are also known as desi dogs. It is high time to turn our attention towards Indian Dog breeds to revive their population from going down further. Let's see the 10 best native dog breeds of India. 1. Chippiparai dog Chippiparai is one of celebrated Indian dogs Breeds. Chippiparai is an…

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