Female Indie dog for adoption in Pune

 Dog / Posted 7 months ago

Cookie(F) is a 5 month old indie mix who is completely vaccinated up to schedule and neutered.

Cookie is at the perfect age for dog training. Basic training such as toilet training and following basic commands is done. Cookie only barks when someone rings the doorbell.

Anyone looking for a doggo who cannot afford to get a dog trainer, or do neutering but will provide all the food, love❣ and care that a dog needs, Cookie is the dog for you.

Cookie’s vaccinations and neutering are complete and have all been done on schedule✔ so she is fit and healthy.

A dog trainer will be paid for in case the family requires any more training for Cookie Cookie’s grooming can be done at home quite easily (brushing and the occasional bath). She has never been to the groomer yet look at how her hair shines

Cookie is happy to eat packaged and home food including curd-rice, chicken, paneer, eggs, fish and soya. Cookie is also happy to chew on the occasional carrot to pass the time.

We are looking for a loving permanent home for little Cookie where she can have all the love and attention she needs.

Cookie is not receiving leads because of her gender and age.

Please open your hearts to a slightly older puppy. Everyone who has loved dogs knows that a dog never grows up.

Please contact 7972955126 to adopt Cookie

Adoptions open to Pune, Mumbai and neighbouring cities.

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