All you need to know about Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the most popular breed in dogs. Even a person who doesn’t know about Dogs can recognize  ‘A Lab’ in an instance. Labrador retrievers are commonly called lab in the short form.

But because of lack of information about this breed’s dietary and medical needs, health risks and awareness on how to take care of them, they happen to be the most abandoned dog breed also. Labradors are special! So they deserve a special care as well!

Labrador are mostly associated with a mild temperament, their behaviour has a lot to do with their training. A properly trained Labrador can be an assistant dog for the blind person. But if not trained properly, the result could be disastrous as they are full of energy.

Labrador care

  • They simply love to eat and can eat anything. This is why we should keep food and treats out of their reach. Labrador are very prone to obesity and this can lead to many diseases.
  • They need training and a lot of exercise. Most of the people think that Labradors don’t need training as they are quite well behaved, but this is just a myth. Since they are always bubbling with energy, they tend to be jumpy. They will jump on your guest, rowdy behaviour and incessant barking. They need 45-60 minutes for exercise daily.
  • They don’t do well with seclusion. So avoid leaving your Labrador at home alone for long duration.
  • They have an amazing affinity towards water and that is why you need to make sure that their coat is dry and clean. Despite of short hair, they are known for shedding a lot of them during a change in season.

Few common health problems in Labrador-

  • Many Labrador suffers from joint pain such as hip or elbow dysplasia. While dysplasia isn’t entirely preventable, it’s effects are less if Labrador maintains a healthy weight.
  • Obesity is a common problem in a breed like Labrador. But don’t worry! It’s fairly easy to prevent. Just monitor your Labrador’s eating habits keep their weight in check and engage them with plenty of exercise. You can also try obesity diet when your Labrador’s weight is going beyond the ideal weight.
  • Labrador has large floppy ears, which give them comical look. However their large ear also provide a suitable breeding ground for bacteria, making Labradors are more susceptible to ear infection. You can keep ear infection at bay by ensuring ears are clean and dry.
  • Heart disease is a common problem in canine. The best practices to prevent heart disease are healthy eating, regular exercise and maintaining an ideal body weight.

To sum it up! They don’t need your luxury cars or your fancy house. They just need a little bit of your love , care and attention. Need proper diet and plenty of training! So remember whenever you are gonna make a decision of owning a dog specially a Labrador,  make sure You keep in mind these important points for proper care of your Lab!

Best dog food for Labrador Retriever : 10 best food option for labs in India

If your pooch is a Labrador, There is highly likely that you will go with best food options to keep your dog happy and healthy. The best diet for your Labrador would be the right balance between the home cooked food and the packaged dry dog foods

It is also important to choose the right option between adult and puppy dog food.

Here we have listed two best dog food options available for labs in India

1. Royal canin Labrador Puppy Food

Royal canin labrador puppy dog food is a lab specific junior dog food. It has everything needed to fulfill your labrador puppy’s daily nutritional requirements. It has everything your Labrador puppy need to grow into a healthy adult.

2. Royal canin Labrador Adult dog Food

Royal canin Labrador Adult dog food is a specialty dog food for adult Labrador retrievers. It is well prepared with ample of of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to support the daily energy requirements of a fully grown adult Labrador dogs.