10 Native Dog Breeds in India you should Know

10 Native Dog Breeds in India you should Know

Would you believe? If we say, All Desi Indian dog breeds will go extinct over a few decades. Yes, It is all possible if Indians don’t stop the craziness about the foreign dog breeds.

The Indian dog breeds are highly intelligent, strong and courageous. They are incomparable to foreign dog breeds as they are unique in their own way, naturally possessing the very own qualities that is required to thrive in India. They are hardly exposed to any kind of disease as they are immensely immune to them. They can adapt well in the tropical climate of India. Indian dogs are also known as desi dogs.

It is high time to turn our attention towards Indian Dog breeds to revive their population from going down further. Let’s see the 10 best native dog breeds of India.

1. Chippiparai dog

Chippiparai is one of celebrated Indian dogs Breeds. Chippiparai is an Indian sight hound from Tamilnadu. It is more prominent in southern regions of Tamilnadu.

chippiparai indian dog breed

This dog is known for its hunting skills. It is used to hunt wild boars and rabbits. These dogs can run very fast that enables them to hunt various predatory animals with ease.

Appearance: It is a medium sized dog. The upper body is flat and the abdomen region is slightly caved in. The average height and weight of the dog is 45 cm and 20 kg respectively. There are various measures being taken by dog enthusiasts to revive the chippiparai from going completely extinct

2. Kanni dog

Kanni is a rare indigenous dog found in southern regions of Tamilnadu in India.

indian dog breed kanni

The term Kanni refers to an unmarried person. These Indian dog breeds were usually gifted to the bride grooms as their guardian. These dog were kept by royals to be used as a guard dog and for hunting wild animals entering the field.

Appearance: It is a medium sized dog. The upper body is flat and the abdomen region is slightly caved in. It’s average weight and height is 20 kg and 65 cm respectively.

These dogs are becoming more endangered day by day as the Indian People’s interests in indigenous dogs are nearly diminished. Also The measures being taken to revive the species are not so impressive

3. Kombai dog

Kombai is an Indian sighthound, bred first in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The history of kombai is date back to early 9 – 15 century. kombai dogs were to be used in war fleets during the period of Marudhu brothers.

Appearance: The average height and weight of this dog breed is 22 kg and 22 inches respectively. The average life expectancy of kombai is 14 years

4. Rajapalayam dog

Rajapalayam is one of an ancient sight hound, has its roots in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Rajapalayam dogs appear elegant and majestic. These dogs were predominantly owned by aristocracy and royals.

rajapalayam indian dog breed

Rajapalayam Dogs were used for Hunting rats and wild boars that were exploiting the agricultural fields. They can adapt well can in Indian climate. These dogs are efficient guard dogs and they inhibit territorial characters bynature. Rajapalayam dogs are highly immune to diseases. They have very few health problems. 

Appearance: Rajapalayam Dog is Long and slender and the coat is short and dense. They are seen in colors such as white, Black, fawn and pale brown. The average height and weight of the male Rajapalyam dog are 27.5 inch and 22 kg respectively. The average height and weight of the female Rajapalayam are 26 inches and 41 kg respectively.

5. Mandai dog

The Mandai dog is basically an hunting dog by nature and it is also used to guard poultry farms from predators leopards. It is a very intelligent breed that posses territorial instinct by nature. It is effective in guarding their house and master.

Mandai dog also known as Ramanathapuram kombai in an Indian Indigenous Sighthound dog breed. It was found in Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu.

6. Indian Pariah Dog

Pariah dog is a native dog breeds in India. It is fondly referred to as Indie Dogs or Desi dogs. It is very intelligent and Affectionate. It has the ability to thrive without any close connection with humans hence they are seen in free ranges in large numbers.

indian pariah

These dogs are very warm and friendly that makes them a good household pet. It is highly immune to diseases. Indian Pariahs very smart and easily trainable and it inhibits territorial character that makes them a good guard dog and police dog

7. Mudhol Hound

indian dog breeds

Mudhol Hound is dog breed native to southwest part of India. They have other names like caravan hound, pashami and karwani. This breed dogs are popular in rural areas of Karnataka where farmers and villagers use this dog for hunting and guarding.

8. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz are an Indian version of Pomeranian, introduced during the nineteenth century of British rule in India. This breed is believed to have related to German spitz. It was during 1990s , Indian spitz gained popularity in India as a ban to import dogs was in place. Indian Spitz belong to utility group. They are friendly and playful with people.

9. Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is believed to be an ancient dog breed in India. There are several depictions of this breed carved in stone sculptures in the Prominent Hindu temples. Bully Kuttas are strongly built, muscular and posses a semi agressive temperament. They are great hunt and guard dogs

10. Rampur Greyhound

Rampur greyhounds are dog breeds native to Rampur, situated in the norther India. This breed were bred majorly for hunting jackals and other predatory animals. Though today, hunting skills is the least expected in dogs, Rampur Greyhound dogs make an ideal guard dogs in India.

The height of this dog is almost equal to other sight hounds but they are more muscular than other sight hounds.