Why do dogs eat grass?

Sometimes, You might have seen your dog eating the lawn grass so passionately. Have you ever wondered why does your dog prefer eating grass when all his favourite food is lying alone at home. Do you want to know why did he eat grass and what's so likeable about grass? Hope you will have some insights when you continue to read on, Why does my dog eat grass? 1. Dogs eat grass to ease the digestion process. Whenever they feel very overwhelming or face indigestion, they eat grass. Eating grass may trigger vomiting in dogs, aiding in clearing the stomach. It also helps to segregate more digestive juice in stomach that's responsible for digestion. 2. It is also said that dogs eat grass because they sometimes consider grass as food. Hope now know why is your dog eating grass. It is nothing to worry about.

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Why are Dogs scared of thunderstorms?

Are you worried that you dog is too scared of thunderstorms? May be stop worrying! Dogs are highly sensitive to noise, Most dogs get annoyed by almost every loud sounds. But thunderstorms are something than can terrify any brave dogs. Why are Dogs scared of thunderstorms? Why my dog is scared of thunderstorms? The thunderstorm can alter whole lot things around your dog in just a blink of an eye. Like the rain smell after touching the ground, the loudness of rainfall, dramatic thunder, roaring wind, flashing lightnings and all that can make your dog scare. After all thunderstorms are something that has the audacity to terrify humans, imagine what it will feel like to your dog. With their great intuitions, dogs can sense the upcoming thunderstorms way before humans. Naturally there is no treatment to stop you dog get scared of thunderstorms. Though you can use handful of tricks…

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A Comprehensive guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping
fish keeping

A Comprehensive guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping

Getting started to aquarium fish keeping is relatively easy than you can ever imagine. Also Fish keeping doesn't require much efforts. Here you will the things you have to know for a successful fish keeping. Are you ready for Fish keeping? We hope, You have made the decision already to keep an aquarium at home, and That's great. Keeping a fish is interesting, relaxing and enjoyable. There are sea of options when it comes to fish keeping. You can choose whichever fish you want, right from the very common gold fishes and guppies to the very exotic fish with origins from Amazon or some exotic fishes of the world. Whichever fish you want to keep, you should set up an ideal environment for the desired fish for successful fish keeping. As a beginner, You may prefer to choose small fishes like gold fish and guppies to try out your stint…

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Landseer dog breed information & Characteristics
landseer dog

Landseer dog breed information & Characteristics

Landseer dog is a graceful yet a powerfully built dog, originally developed by swiss breeders which is oftentimes confused with Newfoundland dog breeds, which also appears similar except for the colour pattern of Black and white. History of Landseer This breed got its name after the British Drawing artist Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, as one of his drawing art named A distinguished Member of the Human society features this type of dog breed. Landseer breed was developed by swiss and german breeding after being being inspired from the paintings of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer which depicted the similar large white and black pictures of this dog. Sir Edwin Henry Landseer has painted this dog in several paintings of his own. The dog in his paintings represents the rescue dog, Bob. This is the story of the rescue dog Bob, that the Bob and his owner were ship wrecked in two…

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10 Best dog food Brands in India – Choose the Best food for your dog

Looking for best dog food brands in India? We have come out with the list of most promising and best dog food in India. Being a dog owner may sometimes weigh you down with responsibilities as hard as being a parent of a child. From bathing and grooming your dog to preparing your dog's daily meal, you may feel all them a daunting task. You may even feel confused whether the food your dog eat is healthy or not. Here we will discuss some of the best dog food brands in India. What is the quality of the best dog food? The best dog food will have good amounts of protein, fats, vitamins and other essential minerals. They should not have higher amounts of any animal byproducts other than meaty flesh part such as bone, ears, internal organs and nails and plant products as plant proteins are heavier to digest…

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Hamster Pet Types & Care

Are you Fascinated by a hamster pet since the moment you've watched them? You are not alone! Because hamster is an adorable small animal kept as pets in many households. We can just admire at the way they eat. Hamster Pet Hamsters are by far the most preferred pets in small animals category. It is fun to keep hamster as pets as they are adorable creatures. You can have hours of enjoyment and fascination just by watching their busy activities out of curiosity. The Notorious little Hamsters are mostly active at night and like to sleep most of the daytime. If you are the person who would not get to spend most of your time with pets, yet you would love to keep pets, Hamster is the right pet for you. Hamster doesn't require much attention from their owners and they also require a very less maintenance. How to care…

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Can dogs get dengue?

Are you a dog lover and the one who is always worried about your fur baby ? then this post is for you! If you think that disease like Dengue can not impact your dog adversely? Then you are mistaken! Today we're gonna cover a very detailed yet very important topic concerning your dog's health. Dengue in dogs (Ehrlichiosis) : Dengue as we all know is transmitted by mosquito-bite in humans. With dogs, the most common infection they get from mosquitoes is clearly not Dengue but Heartworm disease. But most of the time, dogs get this tiny chromatic dots or spots scattered or confined in some parts of their body, with low blood platelets. The result of Ehrlichiosis is dengue-like for our dogs. The most common disease to be diagnosed is Ehrlichiosis, caused by Ehrlichia sp. (pronounced as Ehr-lee-kia). Symptoms of Ehrlichiosis (dengue in dogs): • Haemorrhage round the body.…

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6 amazing ways to know that your dog really loves you…!!!

Your furry baby is the most beautiful, loyal, adorable and a true companion you can ever get. You can’t wait to get back to your home to play with your pup, but have you ever wondered if your dog loves you or not? Yes That's every dog lover's wish too, The Longingness to find the answer for Does my dog love me? Does my Dog Love Me really? .Here is 6 amazing signs to watch out for to decode whether your dog loves you or not. They jump on you in delight when you return from work: They do feel sad and lonely when their owner’s are not around but they also can’t control their emotion when you are back and jump over you to show how much they love and missed you when you weren’t around. They bring you their favourite toy: Yeah! If you have noticed them, dogs…

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5 ways to keep your dog happy & healthy

Dogs are the most loyal and lovable animal that one can ever have as a companion. Dogs passionately bonds with people and that is the reason why they hold an irreplaceable place in several house-holds. Most People keep dogs for companionship and security. It is also our duty to give it back all the love they give to us. Here are the 5 ways you can follow to keep your happy and healthy Feed your dog the Right Food Give your dog the best diet you can afford. Good quality dog foods are always a bit Pricey but they are packed with high quality ingredients, and the benefits they offer for the price is worth considering for your dog's health Feeding him the right food will not only keep him healthy also keep him mentally happy.Good nutrition will help your dog grow healthy, keep him active as an adult, heal…

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How to House Train a dog?

House training a dog should be the first and foremost duty of a every Pet owner while bringing home a new puppy. House Training a dog wouldn't take much effort and time, if carried out correctly with patience, persistence and Positive Reinforcement. On an average, It can take up to 2 to 4 months to house train a puppy. Puppies should be put into house training at an early age, as close to 8 or 9 weeks old as possible because this is when the puppy starts to learn new things in their life. At this age of 8 to 9 weeks, their minds are open to suggestions, and they learn very quickly. If you decided to house train a puppy, you must be willing to sacrifice some quality time to the task. What is the Best time to House Train a puppy? Housebreaking Schedule: Puppies usually have four predictable…

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