Rottweiler Puppy for Adoption in Ahmedabad

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Rottweiler Puppy for Adoption in Ahmedabad

Sakura is 8-10 months old puppy who came with demodicosis skin infection and low platelet counts. She has recovered and now soon going for her spaying surgery next week.

She is a sweet, fierce, funny i mean extremely funny Rottie girl i met. I absolutely love the twinkle in her eyes.

Couple of things we need to know about her:-
1. She is extremely amazing on leash. I never met a pup who is so brilliant on walks. She walks on my heels and keep looking for cues from me if she is doing well or not.
2. She is great with dogs but she will do well with an active male dog who likes to play alot. You will have to get lot of toys, long walks and lot of doggie board games for her to keep her engaged.
3. She has separation anxiety because of her past so may be a home where someone stays at home or if she can go to work with the parents.
4. She is not fit for a home with young kids why because she herself is a little baby who is exploring new things and also she is a big dog who has no idea about her size when she starts playing.
5. We are looking for a family who has an experience with big dogs not first timers and definitely not young people. Sorry guys!

She is extremely sweet and i am looking for that one right home for her where she will get everything she deserves.

Sakura is currently in Ahmedabad but we are open for outstation adoption under 12 hours drive if the family is ready to pitch in half for her transportation cost.

Also if you are going to msg me to keep her at your farm, guard your big house main door or keep her at your big factory pls don’t bother yeah! She is going home to sleep on bed and couches, cuddle with her humans, play tug of war with her doggie sibling and thats it!

To Adopt Sakura, pls drop a Message on 9537112249. No calls will be entertained

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