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Vitapol presents a high-quality complete food, which consists of natural ingredients that supply all the necessary nutrition required by a hamster. Vitapol food is a compilation of the right nutrients which have been added in the precise proportions to obtain a good health for your small pet. The nutritionally rich diet has been presented in a way which calls the natural foraging of the hamster in to action and also assists in maintaining its oral health. Vitapol contains no preservatives and will be greatly loved by your cute little pet.
Ingredients: Wheat, Barley, Wheat bran, Alfalfa meal, Sunflower extracted meal, Cereal products and middlings, Sunflower seed, Dehydrated carrot, Carob, Corn flakes, Oat Groats, Corn, Flax seed, Dehulled pumpkin seed, Peanut, Pea flakes, Wheat flakes, Rice flour, Corn flour, Wheat flour, Grass meal, Rye bran, Beet pulp (dried, molasses), Thyme, Oats, Carotene

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