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Magic Food for Dogs. One of a kind product in India with which you can now control the protein you want to feed to your dogs. Specifically formulated for Puppies and Show dogs
  • Gluten free
  • Hip & Joint Support
  • Skin & Fur Support
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grain free
  • Suitable for all breeds & stages
  • Can be served with any home-made food
Detailed Description
ADD ON is a Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, Grain Free Premium pet food. It has synergistic immune enhancement properties in combination of herbs. ADD ON is a magic food with 50% protein and 35% fat. Besides, it contains Chondroitin Sulfate for hip and joint support, Omega-3 fish oil for skin health, fur growth and shine. It is also fortified with vitamins. This product can be given to all breeds of all stages.
ADD ON is also a highly economical way of feeding high quality premium protein. Our product is first of its kind through which you can control your pet’s protein content. ADD ON can be mixed with cooked rice or other cooked gluten free grains like oats which gives full control on the amount of protein to be fed to dogs. When mixed with equal quantity of rice and ADD ON (one cup of ADD ON with one cup of cooked rice), the growth is guaranteed in puppies in 3-4 weeks. ADD ON can also be fed in the form of spread on Indian foods like chapatti, roti, whole wheat bread etc. It also enhances the intake of low caloric, low protein economy dog food when added as topping It contains a high protein and high fat mix to enable it to be used as a value-added food spread. It’s a gluten free food with a chicken and rice formula which can be used as an ideal food even for dogs with food allergies. It can be given to all stages and all breeds. It is particularly food for senior dogs with joint problem and arthritis symptoms. ADD ON contains Omega 3 fatty acid and Shark cartilage which improves joint health, fur growth and shine.
Hydrolyzed chicken, Tallow, Vegetable protein derivative, Rice oil, Fish cartilage powder, Taurine, Virgin coconut, Chicory, Egg yolk powder, Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamins, Herbs, Rosemary leaf powder, Moringa leaf powder, Turmeric, Spirulina, Seaweed, Fish cartilage
Feeding Guidelines
No. of servings/day
Quantity of mixer
Up to 5 month puppies
4 meals
1:1 (equal portion of ADD ON with equal portion of rice)
60 – 80g
6 – 8 month puppies
3 meals
1:1 (equal portion of ADD ON with equal portion of rice)
100 – 150g
9 – 12 month puppies
2 meals
1:1 (equal portion of ADD ON with equal portion of rice)
150 – 200g
1 yr – 9 yr adults
2 meals
1:2 (double the quantity of rice with each portion of ADD ON)
250 – 500g
Senior dogs
2 meals
1:3 (triple the quantity of rice with each portion of ADD ON)
200 – 400g
Avoid supplements with ADD ON. Feed extra to lactating bitches. Average growth is most desirable for puppies. Cut one meal at the early stages of 304 months when rapid growth is observed, to avoid bone disorders.
Nutritional Composition
Moisture -   6.00%
Crude Protein - 50.70%
Crude Fat - 35.00%
Crude Fiber -   0.60%
Ash -   7.00%
Calcium -   1.00%
Energy - 5400 Kcal/Kg

Added Nutrition – 
Vitamin A - 5000 IU/Kg
Vitamin D - 500 IU/Kg
B1 Thiamine - 10 Mg/Kg
B3 Niacin - 60 Mg/Kg
B6 Pyridoxine - 4 Mg/Kg
Vitamin E - 5 Mg/Kg
Lysine - 50 Mg/Kg
Methionine - 50 Mg/Kg
Arginine - 50 Mg/Kg

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