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Why do dogs cry at night?

Some people perceive dogs crying at night as something supernatural. There are several myths surrounding dogs growling or crying at night. There are stories some tell like If street dogs cry at home in front of your house, It is a signal for an impending misfortune to happen at your home. There are also other forms of stories like If a dog cries at night, it would have witnessed a ghost/spirit.

If it’s difficult for you to believe such stories, we can’t help you because you really have a greater IQ. The actual truth can be anything from very trivial reasons to more serious troubles. Let’s discuss some possibilities for why dogs cry at night.

  • Dogs can get easily bored, In such cases, dogs will use their excess time by making weird noises which may appear like crying to you.
  • It is also possible that dogs can really cry out of the pain they are feeling from their recent physical injury or disease.
  • Also, Dogs can cry out of broken hearts, just as we humans also face sometimes.