About us

PetButty was started by Saravanan Ravichandran with the sole motive of serving our selfless pets who spends their entire precious lifetime with us showering love with all their might. PetButty is one of the Leading online Pet store in India dealing with Products for all kinds of pets likes Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fishes, and Small Pet animals. At our Online Pet Store, You can explore and buy a wide range of quality food products, pet supplies, and accessories for dogs, cats, fishes, and other small animals at affordable prices. We source and stock only quality products from good Pet food brands to minimize your efforts as a Pet parent Pet while choosing the right Pet food brands for your Pets. We offer products based on what’s best for our pet companions that we often take suggestions and feedback from veterinary experts and pet parents to improve and provide appropriate services. We provide online veterinary consultation services through experienced veterinary doctors in India to help pet parents get easy access to affordable veterinary care.

We pledged to spend a considerable share of our earnings to enhance the life of the needy animal companions. Be assured and proud that you are part of that initiation that a share of your every purchase amount will help us help the animal companions in needy.

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