Tips For Happy Tails, Make Pets Happy

Food, Exercise, Rest are three important mantras ever for happy tails at your home. The Right balance of these three mantras will always keep your tailed pets happy ever. Follow these simple steps for happy tails ever. 1. Right Food Giving your pets the right food in the right amounts is an absolute necessity to […]

How To Register An Emotional Support Animal

There are simple and straightforward steps available to register an emotional support animal. Let’s show you how to do that. To register an Emotional Support Animal: Get a letter of recommendation The only legitimate way to qualify your dog as an emotional support animal is to get a letter of recommendation from a licensed psychological […]

Best Tiger reserves in India

Tiger reserves in India were established to revive the country’s declining tiger popular. There are more than 25 tiger reservers in India There are many species of animals like tiger, lion, crocodile etc which needs protection because their number is continuously decreasing due to excessive hunting and destruction of their natural habitat. Tiger is one […]

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