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Parrot care and Types of Parrots

white parrot

The motivation behind this article is to give a total guide to the new pet parrot proprietor. Parrots have been held in high respect since the time 1504 when the main live parrot was brought into the UK, in spite…

Parakeet (Budgerigar) Care, Diet and handling


Parakeets are a littler individual from the Parrot family, and with the appropriate care can satisfy 20 years. The Parakeet has gotten a well-known pet because of its frequently striking hues and simplicity of subduing. Parakeets are extremely socially feathered…

Mynah Bird Care Guide

mynah bird

On the off chance that you need a talkative, keen winged creature to share your home, at that point the tropical mynah bird is the pet for you. Its striking highlights and inviting character make this winged animal a most…