Dog breeds

Dog Breeds

Find A-Z Dog Breeds, Breed Information, origin, type, temperament, behavior, exercise requirement, and more about each different dog breeds.

Leonberger Dog Breed Information

The Leonberger dog is of German descent with a dense lustrous coat. They are a mix of Newfoundland, Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees. They are gentle as a lamb. Yes, the profound love and patience of Leonberger are everything that fits them in the category of the perfect family dog. General Characteristics of Leonberger The […]

Cavoodle Dog Breed Information

Cavoodle is a cross dog breed developed from Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle. In recent years, their popularity has skyrocketed because it is simply not easy to not fall for this beautiful hybrid dog breed. Cavoodle makes a wonderful family dog that bonds well with its family members. Cavoodle Overview Breed Group: Toy Group Height: […]

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