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English Bull Terrier Breed Profile

The English Bull Terrier is a powerful dog breed belonging to the terrier family. The most distinct feature that making this breed stand out is its egg-shaped head structure. They are commonly called as Bull terrier. Let's dig in more interesting information…

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Potcake Dog Breed Information

"Potcake dog" Did I hear it right? This is something that can possibly strike in everyone's mind when hearing this funnily sounding cutie pie's name for the first time. Yes, but that shouldn't be surprising. So what does the Potcake even mean?…

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Emotional Support Animal – Support dogs & Cats

An Emotional Support Animal is a dog, cat, or any companion animal that provides comfort and support in the form of affection and companionship. People suffering from emotional or mental illness can qualify and benefit from an Emotional Support Animal. Emotionally supportive…

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Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

While just about any dog can provide good company, therapy dogs can spend most of their time providing emotional support. Many research studies have shown that people with mental health problems can benefit significantly from keeping a dog. Dogs are found in…

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