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Cavoodle Dog Breed Information


Cavoodle is a cross dog breed developed from Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle. In recent years, their popularity has skyrocketed because it is simply not easy to not fall for this beautiful hybrid dog breed. Cavoodle makes a wonderful…

Labradoodle Dog Breed Information


Labradoodle is a herd dog breed which originally bred to have a hypoallergenic dog, rose to greater popularity in a very short period of time. A cross between Labrador Retriever and Poodles which was orchestrated by the Royal Guide Dogs…

Siberian Mastiff Breed Profile

siberian mastiff

Siberian Mastiff is a cross dog breed between Siberian husky and Tibetan Mastiff. The exact history of Siberian Mastiff is unclear but it is believed to have originated in the Siberian region where the unification of Tibetan Mastiff, Siberian Husky…