10 Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats

Most Cat Parents are aware that several ornamental houseplants are toxic to cats. The list of safer house plants for cats is relatively less. As cats naturally tend to chew on houseplants, It is the responsibility of the cat owners to choose Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats. Here are a few recommendations of […]

Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers

You might have laughed at the videos of cats getting Scared of Cucumber. They try to quickly disappear from the scene where Cucumber is present. But why cats get terrified of such a nice vegetable. Cat as an animal, It is their natural instinct to stay away from the danger. As Cucumber is a long […]

Human Food Cats Can Eat

Cats should have a balanced cat food but it is perfectly ok to share certain types foods that you eat to your cat. But Always make sure the food is not raw or uncooked. For example Raw Fish and Meat can contain pathogens which are harmful to your cat. Now Checkout the People food that […]

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