Dog care

Are you a dog parent? We are here to help you keep your dog healthy and happy. Dig in for a wide range of dog health and nutrition tips that will help you provide the best possible care for your pooch mate.

Why do dogs cry at night?

Some people perceive dogs crying at night as something supernatural. There are several myths surrounding dogs growling or crying at night. There are stories some tell like If street dogs cry at home in front of your house, It is a signal for an impending misfortune to happen at your home. There are also other […]

How Hot is too Hot for dogs

If you live in tropical countries like India, you might very well know the extremities of the Sun that could play at times. The Sun at its peak cannot be tolerated by anybody, let alone dogs. That’s the reason for us to know the maximum intensity of the Sun otherwise ‘heat’ till which the dogs […]

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