How Hot is too Hot for dogs

dog enjoying sun

If you live in tropical countries like India, you might very well know the extremities of the Sun that could play at times. The Sun at its peak cannot be tolerated by anybody, let alone dogs. That’s the reason for us to know the maximum intensity of the Sun otherwise ‘heat’ till which the dogs can very much tolerate without difficulties.

Generally, Dogs can tolerate temperatures up to 25℃ without any problem. But Keep in Mind that dogs can’t feel comfy at both lower and higher extremes of the sun. You Should avoid taking your dog outside for longer when the outdoor temperature crosses 30℃ and above.

Interestingly, Dogs do enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with the warmth of the Sun. Little time in Sun will not do any harm to the dogs, rather it beneficial for their mental well-being but moderation is the key. Don’t allow your dog to stay under the sun for longer.

How Hot is too Hot for dogs
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