Best Tiger reserves in India

Tiger reserves in India were established to revive the country’s declining tiger popular. There are more than 25 tiger reservers in India

There are many species of animals like tiger, lion, crocodile etc which needs protection because their number is continuously decreasing due to excessive hunting and destruction of their natural habitat.

Tiger is one of the least studied animals because of its conservative and solitary behaviour. There are about 18 sub species of tiger out of which three have become completely extinct.

List of Tiger Species

1.Pathera tigris balica
2. Panthera tigris tigris
3. Panthera tigris vigranta
3. Panthera tigris amoyensis
4. Panthera tigris corbetti
5. Panthera tigris sondaicus
6. Panthera tigris altaica
7. Panthera tigris sumatrae

Project Tiger

The project Tiger was aimed to establish a network of reserves, where tigers are protected from being killed by human beings. In these reserves tigers are allowed to live in their natural habitat and are protected from human intrusion.

Tiger reserves are the network of ecologically undisturbed forest areas with rich biodiversity that are exclusively reserved only to Tigers and other protected wild animals. The entire span of the Tiger reserve is protected and Human intervention is strictly prohibited. Each tiger reserve has a core zone of about 300 sq km along with plenty of buffer zone.

Let’s walk-through some of the best Tiger Reserves in India

1. Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Bandipur Tiger Reserve was established in 1930 in the forest areas of Karnataka. In this reserve, along with Tigers, elephants can also be seen.

2. Bandhavargh National Park

Bandhavargh Tiger Reserve is a private property of Maharaja of Riwa where large number of white tigers are seen. From here, few of the tigers were transported to different zoos in US and Europe.

3. Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve is Located in West Bengal and has been included in the Tiger Project since the year 1982. In Buxa Tiger Reserve, along with tiger, large numbers of migrating elephants are seen.

4. Corbett National Park

This Tiger Reserve was named after Jim corbett. It was originally known as Hailey’s National Park, which was established in 1936 and was one of the first important national parks in India. The Corbett National Park is situated in the foothills of Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

Best Tiger reserves in India
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