Can cats eat dog food? Is dog food bad for cats?

cat eating

It can be amusing to watch your cat adamantly eating from your dog’s plate, but should you let your cat eat the dog food? The answer is probably a big NO. You shouldn’t allow your cat to eat dog food, let’s see why.

Can Dogs eat dog food?

Your Sweet Cat can be mischievous at times they show up when your dog’s eating to steal a bite or two. While a bite or two will not do much harm to your cat, It is no good to let your cat eat dog food as they have a completely different requirement than what the dog food offers. Cat eats more meat as they are naturally carnivores and in contradiction to that, dogs are omnivores which means they require meat and also grains and vegetables so the dog food is not appropriate for cats.

Is dog food bad for cats?

Even though dog food is not harmful to dogs, It would be appropriate to say the dog food is not good for cats as the food for cats should be rich in animal sources such as meat, fishes and lesser or no vegetables and grains.

Can cats eat dog food? Is dog food bad for cats?
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