Coprophagia in Dogs – Dog Behavioral Problem

There is nothing more disturbing for dog owners than watching their dog eating other dogs or animals or even human poop and coming back to us with wagging tails. Coprophagia is an act of dog eating feces, it could be any feces on the ground.

While it may feel nauseating to witness a dog indulging in Coprophagia, probably it is very important to understand the reason why dogs doing such an unpleasant activity.

Why do dogs indulge in Coprophagia?

Why do dogs think feces is something to eat? Well, It is a million-dollar question. What is so appetizing in the feces, when dogs eat them without a second thought even when they are provided with all the quality foods to consume at home. Nobody may know for sure

Here we summarize the possible reasons for this unpleasant behavior Coprophagia in dogs.


As far as dogs are concerned, Eating feces is not something an unpleasant activity for them, even at times dogs purposedly eat them for the reason only they could know. So eating feces is not abnormal behavior in dogs. It is common to witness female dogs eating their pup’s feces only to keep the place clean and hygienic for puppies.

Also, besides Food, teething puppies get to explore eating all types of things including non-edibles such as earth and feces before giving up on them forever for better options i.e the food we provide for them.

Even then, some puppies may continue to eat feces, making it a habit, and that’s when it becomes a worry for all dog owners out there

Triggers of Coprophagia in Dogs

  • Seeing other dogs eating feces
  • Easy oppurtutiny to reach feces
  • Getting too little food at home.
  • Nutritional Deficiency
Coprophagia in Dogs – Dog Behavioral Problem
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