Common dog Health Problems to closely monitor


Dog owners are often surprised when their dog is diagnosed with disease. And they may say, the dog was healthy, he has his vaccination on time and we have not ever needed to take him to the vet for anything. But health according to many people just means an absence of obvious or visible disease or conditions . But it is not. Just a close look back of an animal’s history may be reveal that things haven’t been right for a long time.

Dog can look healthy to see but the signs that all is not well may be very subtle as follows. ( the dog in the image shown above may outwardly look healthy but is over weight which will result in poor health in the long run)

Common Dog Health Problems to monitor closely

  • Overweight or underweight or changing weight.
  • Gets Constipated frequently.
  • Has mucus in the stool.
  • Bad breath.
  • Anxious or Hyperactive or looking stressed.
  • No longer cuddles or high jumps on the bed.
  • Slow moving.
  • Difficulty climbing stairs.
  • Has dandruff and shedding
  • Drinks a lot or very little.
  • Urinates a lot or very little.
  • Changes in Pet’s Behaviour

These are the few subtle symptoms that will be useful to interpret your pet’s health condition.
Veterinarians recommend taking routine medical check-ups to ensure Pet’s good health.
 you can also take advice from vets online on PetButty – click here for online vet consultation

Common dog Health Problems to closely monitor
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