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Are you a dog parent? We are here to help you keep your dog healthy and happy. Dig in for a wide range of dog health and nutrition tips that will help you provide the best possible care for your pooch mate.

How to Clean Dog Ears

how to clean dog ears

Regular ear checkup is useful to keep your dog’s ear clean and healthy. Cleaning inside the dog ears on a regular basis is not advised by veterinarians because it could lead to internal ear damage or injury. Ear cleaning should…

Easy Homemade Puppy Food recipes

homemade puppy food

As a Survey conducted in the US, more than 60% – 80% of dog owners feed commercial dog foods to their puppy yet a significant amount of dog owners prefer to prepare homemade puppy food on their own for the…

How to Bathe a dog the Right Way

dog bath

Most dogs hate bath time but Bathing the dog is most important for the overall wellness of the dog. It helps to keep the dog’s coat and skin clean and healthy. It can also acts as a routine skin examination…

Can dogs have human antihistamines?

human medicine in animal treatment

Many pet lovers especially dog owners have this doubt that whether or not it is safer to try human medicine for their pets. The short answer is yes, Some drugs that are meant for humans are safer for pets but…