How to Clean Dog Ears

how to clean dog ears

Regular ear checkup is useful to keep your dog’s ear clean and healthy. Cleaning inside the dog ears on a regular basis is not advised by veterinarians because it could lead to internal ear damage or injury. Ear cleaning should be done only when medically required or in the presence of too much ear debris or dirt.

Always Consult your veterinarian If you happen to notice any sign of infection or wound in your dog ears.

Things required for dog ear cleaning

  1. Ear cleaning solution
  2. Cotton Balls

Steps to Clean the dog ears

  1. Dip the Cotton ball in the dog ear cleaning solution.
  2. Hold up your dog’s ear flap, take the soaked cotton ball and place it at the opening of an ear canal.
  3. Now Give the dog’s ear a Gentle massage for 20-30 seconds and remove the cotton ball.
  4. If the cotton ball is full of debris, repeat once.
  5. Now Gently pat with dry cotton balls to dry her ears.

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How to Clean Dog Ears
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