Freshwater Aquarium Shark types & Care Guide

aquarium shark

If you are a big fan of Giant Ocean sharks, there are solid chances for you wanting to keep one as a pet. While it is impossible to keep gigantic ocean sharks at home, you need not worry when freshwater aquarium shark is there for you.

Freshwater Aquarium Sharks are not real sharks but they look exactly the miniature version of the sharks. They can grow too large in the Fishtank.

Types of Aquarium Sharks

  1. Bala Shark
  2. Colombian shark
  3. Paroon Shark
  4. Rainbow Shark or Red fin shark
  5. Silver Apollo shark
  6. Iridescent shark / Siamese shark

1. Bala Aquarium Shark

bala shark

Bala Sharks or silver sharks are peace-loving fishes. They can be friends with other tropical fishes in the Tank. Bala sharks can grow too large. They are tough fish that can tolerate temperate and ph changes in the water that other fishes can’t tolerate easily. Bala Sharks are commonly available in all aquarium stores.

2. Colombian Aquarium Shark

colombian sharks

Colombian shark also is known as Black Fin Shark is a type of catfish that is shark alike. Colombian sharks are peace-loving fishes, they grow about 10 – 11 inches. It is best to keep this fish in larger tanks with closed cabinet at the top as these sharks are known to be serious jumpers.

3. Paroon Shark

paroon aquarium shark

Paroon Shark also known as giant pangasius is a type of shark alike catfish. They live in freshwaters in the Indochina region. Paroon sharks are not ideal for small aquariums because they grow too large. They are very active so a large and sturdy tank with more space to swim is required to grow Paroon sharks.

4. Rainbow shark

rainbow aquarium shark

Rainbow Shark, also known as Ruby shark or Red-fin shark is a type of freshwater fish that belongs to the family of Cyprinidae. Red Tail shark fish is native to Thailand. It’s the torpedo-shaped body, blue painted body and an orange fin are nothing short of a delight to watch. These fishes are a bit aggressive and active. Red Tail shark fish is native to Thailand. Red Tail sharks are one of the highly prized sharks. Redtail sharks can be aggressive. It should not be housed together with more fishes. It requires a large tank for a comfortable living.

5. Silver Apollo Shark

silver apollo shark

Silver Apollo Shark is a very active Freshwater fish. These sharks prefer a planted aquarium with a large space to swim. Silver Apollo sharks are active jumpers so there is a possibility for fish jumping out of the tank. It is advisable to cover the aquarium tank top.

6. Iridescent shark or Siamese shark

Iridescent aquarium shark

Iridescent sharks also known as Siamese sharks are a type of freshwater fish, native to southeast Asia. They are absolutely peace-loving fish and grow to a large size. If you are a fan of quiet living fish, Siamese sharks are an ideal fit for your aquarium.

Aquarium Shark Tank set up

Tank size

Aquarium sharks are large sturdy fish, capable to grow beyond 50 inches, so at least keeping them in a minimum 100-gallon tank would do justice to them.


Sharks are highly prone to stress, so it is good to use low lighting in the tank to keep the fish happy. It also helps them to see clearly during the night.

Water Requirement

They are hardy fishes, can tolerate wide PH range. They naturally live in brackish water. They can tolerate temperature range between 20°c – 30°c and the ideal PH would range between 6.5 – 8.0

Aquarium Shark Diet

Freshwater sharks are big appetizers, they eat big and grow big. You can feed them any type of food including food pellets, blood worms, crickets, pieces of meat, and live fishes. Basically Freshwater sharks are carnivores.

Freshwater Aquarium Shark types & Care Guide

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