A Comprehensive Guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping

gold fish aquarium

Getting started to aquarium fish keeping is relatively easy than you can ever imagine. Also Fish keeping doesn’t require much efforts. Here you will the things you have to know for a successful fish keeping.

Are you ready for Fish keeping?

We hope, You have made the decision already to keep an aquarium at home, and That’s great. Keeping a fish is interesting, relaxing and enjoyable. There are sea of options when it comes to fish keeping.

You can choose whichever fish you want, right from the very common gold fishes and guppies to the very exotic fish with origins from Amazon or some exotic fishes of the world. Whichever fish you want to keep, you should set up an ideal environment for the desired fish for successful fish keeping.

As a beginner, You may prefer to choose small fishes like gold fish and guppies to try out your stint at fish keeping, with that experience you’ll become experienced enough to handle more exotic fishes that requires special requirement to survive that you will be able to provide.

How to set up an aquarium

Setting up an aquarium is relatively straightforward, Either you can buy ready made all in one aquarium units available in aquarium shops or you can choose to buy tank and other parts separately to design the aquarium as per your wish. Whichever method you prefer, first you have to decide the stable and ideal location at home to set up your aquarium.

Let’s see the things you need to set up a basic aquarium.


There are many factors involved when coming to choose the ideal tank for you aquarium, such as the type of fish you want to keep, the number of fishes you want to keep, heating requirements. Five gallon is an ideal tank size to keep 2 gold fishes. You can choose the tank size as much as bigger you want. It is also easier to maintain the big size tanks than smaller ones. It’s good to start with minimum 5 gallon tank size.


Water is essentially the living place of fish. So maintaining the water quality is crucial for the health of your Fish. Wastes from fish food and fish reduces the oxygen level. So it essential to use good filtration system and to clean the tank regularly. It is a good practice to replace at least 25% of the water in the tank once in two weeks to improve the oxygen content in the water.


Heating is generally required to maintain ideal temperature of tank if you live in colder regions where temperature can go to lower degrees. However, Heaters are not required if you live in hotter regions where keeping the tank in the room temperature is enough.


Lighting in a Fish tank can enhance the tank setup. Lighting will give life to your aquarium at night. It will make the fish luminate in light. Lights in the tank helps the fish to see clearly. It is also essential to check the water quality and see for abnormalities in Fish.


Usage of Gravel can contribute greatly to improve the aesthetics of your aquarium. You can make an attractive floor for your tank with them. Gravel also acts as a natural filtration system in the tank. Gravel also serves as a place for beneficial bacteria to thrive; these bacterias helps in breaking down the waste.


Filtration system is essential in all aquarium set up. It helps to maintain the quality and the oxygen content of the water. Wastes comes out from fish increases ammonia level in level, are hazardous to the fish’s health. High ammonia level also decreases the oxygen content in the water.

Selecting a Fish

There is no barrier when it comes to fish keeping, you can keep any type of fish you like as long as you have mastered in maintaining them healthily. If are at the very beginning of fish keeping, you can select smaller fishes such as gold fish, guppies and similar fishes which doesn’t require a big deal in care and maintenance. Aquarium keeper may refer you the suitable fish for your beginner level aquarium. When you get to learn more about fish keeping and fishes, you will be able to keep fishes that are difficult to maintain.

Remember not to unfill the bag that contains fish straightaway into the tank. Place the bag to float over the tank water for 10 to 15 minutes to get the fish adjusted to the tank temperature. The water that is used to transport the fish from an aquarium may also contain harmful microbes. It is wise to not unfill that water into the tank. Hope you have the basic understanding about fish keeping

A Comprehensive Guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping

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