10 Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats

houseplants for cats

Most Cat Parents are aware that several ornamental houseplants are toxic to cats. The list of safer house plants for cats is relatively less. As cats naturally tend to chew on houseplants, It is the responsibility of the cat owners to choose Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats. Here are a few recommendations of cat-friendly Houseplants that are extremely beautiful and also non-toxic for cats.

1. Areca Palm

areca palm

Areca Palm is a popular choice for Indoor atmosphere. It is also non-toxic to cats. You can keep Areca Palm Plant inside your house without bothering much about your cat’s safety.

2. Cat Grass

wheat grass

Cat Grass is a collective term for cat-friendly grasses such as wheatgrass, bermudagrass, and lemongrass. Cats love to munch on these grasses. These grasses are also found to be rich in nutrients. As an added benefit, keeping these grasses indoor can beautify your indoor environment, also keeps your cat happy.

3. Hibiscus


Hibiscuses are wonderful flowering plants that do well both indoors and outdoors. It is also found to be safer for cats.

4. Spider Plant

spider plant

Only the name of this plant is a spider, this Indoor plant is an absolute gem, capable of bringing vibrant joy to your house. Never miss this plant to brighten up your home

5. Rose Plant

rose plant

There is no need for extensive research for a cat-friendly houseplant when rose plants are something we already knew. Go for a rose plant without a second thought if you are fond of colors, fragrance, and last but not least, you love your cats.

6. Sunflower Plant

sunflower plant

You might be surprised after seeing this recommendation, Yes, the sunflower plant is a familiar plant for all of us. Why miss this beautiful plant when it is totally safer for cats.

7. African Violet

african violet

In a toxicology study, African Violet is found to be a safer plant for cats. It can be a cute addition to your houseplant list. Thanks to their beautiful appearance.

8. Money Plant

money plant

If you would love money, you’ll also like this money plant. This plant is absolutely safer for cats.

9. Cast Iron Plant

cast iron plant

This is tough plant that can withstand all disturbances of your kitty. Cast Iron plant is absolutely safe for cats. It will do well even in low light condition and also don’t require much maintanence.

10. Bamboo Palm

If you’d love a jungle vibe in your house, bamboo palm is a right choice of plant. It is widely kept as an Indoor plant to enhance the aura of the house.


While knowing about safe houseplants for cats is great, It is also most important to know all the plants that are toxic to your cat. Check out this Aspca list of harmful plants for cats. Omit these toxic plants at all cause to ensure the safety of your cats.

10 Indoor Plants that are Safe for Cats
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