Is Plain Yogurt Good For Dogs


Yes, Plain Yogurt is good for dogs. Plain Yogurt is a good source of calcium and probiotics and free from artifical sweeteners and preservatives. Can dogs eat yogurt? and Is Plain Yogurt a healthy choice for your dog? Let’s go in detail

Can Dogs Have Yogurt?

The Short answer is Yes, Dogs can have Yogurt. Yogurt is a good source of dietary calcium and probiotics. But Certain things you have to keep in mind before feeding dogs yogurt. Some Yogurt in the market may contain harmful artifical sweeteners and preservatives especially Xylitol. Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Make sure to read the label thoroughly before buying a yogurt to your dog.

Which kind of Yogurt is good for dogs?

Plain Yogurt is good for dogs. Best Yogurt will have no added flavors, preservatives, and sugar. Too much sugar and flavors in yogurts will already spoil the goodness of the yogurt. The Plain yogurts have less or no sugar, added flavors, and taste enhancers and that makes it very good for dogs.

Are probiotic yogurts good for dogs?

Yes, Probiotics in yogurt are good for dogs. Probiotics maintain the gut flora in dogs, strengthens, and support the digestive functioning of your dog. Probiotic Yogurts should be part of your dog’s healthy diet. They should not be considered as a supplement or medication to treat any digestive issues. Talk to a Veterinarian for a better solution if your dog needs a probiotic supplement.

Is there any Side effects of feeding dogs yogurt?

Yogurt is not toxic to dogs. But Some dogs may have Lactose intolerance and find difficult in digesting lactose in yogurt and As a result gas and bloating can be seen in them. If your dog is Lactose intolerant, avoid giving any milk and milk products to him/her.

Is Plain Yogurt Good For Dogs
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