Italian Mastiff Cane Corso Dog Breed Information

Italian Mastiff, also known as Cane Corso is a popular guard dog, also what’s more surprising is the name Cane Corso just literally means a bodyguard-dog. The history of the Italian Mastiff travels back to the roman empire times. Let’s know about their history, traits, diet & training requirements, and most importantly what it is like to have an Italian Cane Corso at home.

Breed Characteristics

  • Average height
    • Male: 27.5 inches
    • Female: 26 inches
  • Average weight – upto 120 pounds
  • Life Span – 10 – 12 years

What is the history of Italian Mastiff?

The Italian Mastiff was developed with the expectation of having an obedient guard dog that guards properties, farms, and live stocks. This breed is said to have originated from molossoid dogs from Roman times. The current type of Italian mastiff is a fruit of years of selective breeding of the surviving breeds.

How the Italian Mastiff will look like?

Italian Mastiff is a Giant muscular dog, closely resembling Neopolitan mastiff. The male dogs weigh up to 27.5 inches and females grow up to 26 inches. They weigh up to 120 pounds. Their height-to-weight ratio is perfectly balanced. They have a short hair coat. They come in black, & shades of grey, fawn, and red. You can see them in uniform color patterns, also in the combinational color pattern that includes brindle, light, and dark shades.

italian mastiff

What is the personality of the Italian Mastiff?

The Italian Mastiff Cane Corso naturally has a strong temperament, they are very swift in their actions and have the tendency to become aggressive. But with trained hands, they are more likely to be compassionate and a responsible dog breed.

Is Italian Mastiff a good for Family dog?

Totally yes, the Italian Mastiff Cane Corso is a perfect family dog. If you are fond of a dog that loves to do tasks, always willing to be trained, and excite about learning new things, you will definitely love Cane Corso. They are intelligent and also have the tendency to wander away. That’s why It is very important to train them to prevent them from having any inappropriate behavior.

Nutrition Requirements

Italian mastiff will do well on protein-rich nutritious dog food, either commercially or home-prepared. Consult your veterinarian to formulate a perfect diet for your dog corresponding to their age and weight. Avoid overfeeding the dog to prevent obesity. Give them access to clean and hygienic drinking water always. If your dog has any special diet requirements, discuss the same with your vet for appropriate advice.

Italian Mastiff Cane Corso Dog Breed Information
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