Pit bull Dog Breed Profile

Pit Bull dog, also known as American Pit Bull Terrier in some parts of the world have been popularly known as the courageous and a loyal dog. In the same level, Pit bull dogs are highly infamous for their aggressiveness. This was due to the practice of unethical breeders, breeding the two most aggressive dog they could get to develop Pit bull dogs for the illegal dog Fights.

Country of origin: England
Breed name: American Pitbull Terrier
Breed Group: Terriers, Bulldog type / Working dogs
Breed Color: Black, pure white with pointed markings of colors include red, copper or gray color variations.
Average weight: 45 – 53 cm
Average height: 16 – 30 kg

The Pitbulls were intially bred for bull-baiting practice. It fastly emerged on to become into companion and house dogs because of their high intelligence and gentleness with people especially children. These dogs are very strong and playful. They excel in various sports, such as weight pulling and sprints.

Pit Bull Dog History

The Pit Bull dog was bred by crossing Bulldog and Terrier dog to produce a aggressive breed to deploy them in dog fighting events . Later on, they were used for various adventurous games and as a fighter dog. This dog has a very sensitive temperament. Due to this they get hurt easily and exhibit aggression on its own term. Due to exploitation of this dog breed in wrongful activities such dog fights, bull – baiting, Pit Bull dogs are banned in countries such as New Zealand, UK, France and US.

Advice to Pit Bull dog owners

  • American Pit Bull Terriers are not good for homes that can’t provide provide training to them.
  • Pit Bull dogs must be trained properly to rule out its tendency of showing aggressiveness towards people especially children and strangers.
  • Pitbulls must be socialized with other dogs and people right from their early age to avoid envying other dogs.