Ragdoll Cat – Breed Profile

Ragdoll cat breed has the large imposing figure but contrary to that, when lifted up by people, the cat relaxes all its muscles to go as weak as a floppy doll which paved way to name the cat Ragdoll by its original breeder.

History of Ragdoll cat

The Age of the Ragdoll breed is approximately just 55 to 58 years. The first Birthplace of the Ragdoll cat breed is California in 1960s since then it has become increasingly popular outside the US and is recognized by the cat associations. Ragdoll was originally bred to develop a large affectionate cat breed

Ragdoll cat Temperament

Ragdoll is extremely friendly to humans. They tend to follow people wherever they go, Likes to greet people at the door. They are very much tolerant of quirks and whim of others toward them and it quickly becomes devoted to its owners. Ragdoll cats are gentle cats and they are known to be playful with people.

Ragdoll varieties

There are three popular coat patterns for the Ragdoll namely Bi-color, color point and Mitted. The Bicolor has a pale body, a white chest, underbelly and legs with a dark mask, ears and tail; the color point has a pale body with darker points; and the Mitted has a white chest, bib, chin and front paw “mittens” but is otherwise the same as the color point. The established colors are Seal point, Chocolate point, Blue point and Lilac point.

Ragdoll Price in India

Ragdoll cats are well sought after cat breeds in India for its astonishing look. Ragdolls are one of the very popular choices among cat lovers. One can easily adopt or buy a Ragdoll India. The Ragdoll cat price in India ranges between 10000 to 30000 depending on the breeder.

Ragdoll Cat – Breed Profile
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