When & Why do dogs eat grass?

When & Why do dogs eat grass?

Sometimes, You might have seen your dog eating the lawn grass so passionately. Have you ever wondered why does your dog prefer eating grass when all his favorite food is lying alone at home?

Do you want to know why did he eat grass and what’s so likable about grass?

Hope you will have some insights when you continue to read on,

When Dogs Eat Grass

1. Dogs eat grass to ease the digestion process. Whenever they feel very overwhelming or face indigestion, they eat grass. Eating grass may trigger vomiting in dogs, aiding in clearing the stomach. It also helps to secrete more digestive juice in the stomach that’s responsible for digestion.

2. It is also said that dogs eat grass because they sometimes consider grass as food.

Hope now you know why is your dog eating grass. It is nothing to worry about.

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