Aquarium Care

Are you an aquarium hobbyist? We are here to provide useful resources about the aquarium and fish care to help you keep your Aquarium fishes happy and healthy.

Oscar Fish Information and Care

Scientific Name: Astronotus ocellatus Origin: Brazil, Columbia, Peru Habitat: Backwaters of rivers with tree roots. Average Adult size: 35cm Colours: Black and grey with orange marking and a spot on the tail Class: Actinopterygii Family: Cichlidae Order: Cichliformes Oscar fishes belong to the family of Cichlidae and they were first originated in the regions of […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Aquarium Fish Keeping

Getting started to aquarium fish keeping is relatively easy than you can ever imagine. Also Fish keeping doesn’t require much efforts. Here you will the things you have to know for a successful fish keeping. Are you ready for Fish keeping? We hope, You have made the decision already to keep an aquarium at home, […]

Types of Fish Diseases, Prevention & Treatment

Aquarium fishes are exposed to several types of diseases. Most of the diseases are very common and easily treatable. By knowing how diseases in Fish occur, you will be able to better prevent them or treat them. Preventive measures There are several micro organisms which can cause an infection, but these organisms just simply can’t […]

Discus Fish – Breed information & care

Do you know ? Discus fish have a bit strange form of parental care, the adult discus fish secrete a mucus like substance on their skin to enable its young ones to feed on it for nourishment. The Discus fishes are abundantly found in tributaries of the Amazon River in South America. Discus fish have a bit strange form of […]

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