Oscar Fish Information and Care

Oscar Fish Information and Care
  • Scientific Name: Astronotus ocellatus
  • Origin: Brazil, Columbia, Peru
  • Habitat: Backwaters of rivers with tree roots.
  • Average Adult size: 35cm
  • Colours: Black and grey with orange marking and a spot on the tail
  • Class: Actinopterygii
  • Family: Cichlidae
  • Order: Cichliformes

Oscar fishes belong to the family of Cichlidae and they were first originated in the regions of Brazil, Columbia, and Peru.

Natural Habitat

In the wild, they usually live in the sluggish backwaters of rivers under tree roots. They prey on insects, small fishes and other small organisms living in the river. The eyespot on the tail is a defense against piranha attack, the fish sticking its tail towards danger. Oscar fish can grow up to 35 cm on average.

Keeping in Aquarium

Oscar fishes are a great choice of fish for those who prefer to keep one or two fishes in their aquarium. Because Oscars likely are to grow big up to 32 cm so they must have a large living place and power filtration to cope with their waste. They quickly recognize and respond to the person who feeds them regularly and can develop a bond with them, but it is out of hunger and not because of affection.

In aquarium young Oscar Fishes are very aggressive and bully, and try to eat other smaller fish. So Oscar fishes should not be kept along with other fishes. As they are greatly prone to attack and eat tiny and weaker fishes. They should be kept separately in a large tank decorated with bogwood, rocks, and artificial plants. If they grow up with other Oscar fishes and form a pair, the pair can be kept together in a separate tank to procreate. They can be mixed with tough fishes or kept with big non-cichlids.

Colours and types of Oscar fish

Oscar fish are one of the extremely stunning Fishes. They come in black and grey and orange marking and spot on the tail. The major types of Oscar fish are Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar, and Albino Oscar.

Oscar Fish Price

Oscar Fish in India can cost between Rupees 20-2000 INR depending on the size and color.

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