Best Pet Health Insurance Companies in India

Have you insured you Pet?

Pet Insurance is new to India, yet gaining popularity among pet owners for the benefits it offers. Let’s see what Pet insurance is, whether or not you should be getting one for your pets.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is an assurance of a compensation offered by Pet insurance companies against any specified illness or injuries caused by accidents. It also covers partly or in total of the treatment expenses of the insured ill or injured pet. You can get benefited from Pet Insurance by Insuring your Pet dogs and Cats.

Some Pet insurance companies may also provide compensation for instances such as death of your pet, theft or missing depending upon on the type of the Pet insurance schemes.

Although Pet Insurance is a new concept to India, It is gaining momentum now for all the benefits & Relief they provide to the Indian Pet owners.

Should you insure your Pet?

Since Pets are no lesser than a family member, It may be essential to get your pets insured to protect yourself from unforeseen veterinary expenses in order to provide them the best medical treatment.
Pet Insurance schemes covers medical expenses incurs during the treatment of a pet while the pet is sick or injured.

Who can avail Pet Insurance in India?

Owners of companion animals such as dogs, cats, exotic birds, and other farm animals can avail Pet insurance in India.

Benefits of availing Pet Insurance

  1. Pet insurance will help you financially through compensating the medical expenses incurred during the treatment of your Pet.
  2. Pet Insurance may compensate you for your pet’s loss of life and theft.

Let’s Have a look at some of the insurance companies that offer the best Pet Health Insurance in India.

Pet Insurance companies in India

1. The Oriental Insurance company Limited

Oriental insurance company has an exclusive Dog insurance policy for dogs. This Policy covers Indigenous, Cross bred or Exotic dogs which are Pets, Watch dogs, Sheep dogs and Hunting dogs. This policy can also be customized for other pet animals.

Risks covered in Pet Insurance

Death due to accident and / or diseases contracted during the period of insurance.
This policy can be customized to cover some other risks by paying extra premium.

Major Exclusions

Partial and permanent Disability of any nature, Rabies, and Canine Distemper. These diseases can be covered if vaccination had been provided promptly and the certification by vet is produced .

Oriental House, A-25/27, Asaf Ali Road,
New Delhi – 110002.
Phone : 011-43659595
Email :

2. The New India Assurance

The New India Assurance company offers a Specialized dog Insurance policy that covers

Dogs in the age group of 8 weeks to 8 years

1. Dogs of Indigenous origin, cross-bred and exotic breeds.
2. The valuation will be done by qualified veterinary doctor at the time of proposing the insurance.
3. The basic premium rate is 5% of sum insured.

Insurance coverage

Death due to accident and / or diseases contracted during the period of insurance.

Major Exclusions

Exclusions as per cattle Insurance

1. Loss of lives due to diseases such as, Rabies, Viral and Hepatitis. But these diseases are covered if the dogs have been vaccinated and veterinary certificate to that effect is produced.
2. Diseases contracted prior to and within 15 days of commencement of risk.
3.Transport, show risk, breeding and whelping risk, third party party personal injury Although these risks can be covered with additional premium.


Company to bear 80% of the claim amount and insured to bear 20% of the claim amount which would be ascertained on the basis of market value as certified by veterinary doctor or insured value whichever is less.

Documents to Effect Insurance

1. Proposal form
2.Veterinary health certificate from a qualified veterinarian.
3. Kennel club certificate/ Photograph/tattooing.

Claim Procedure

1. Intimation.
2. Duly completed claim form.
3. Veterinary certificate for death on company’s form.
4. Photograph or any other document, if necessary.

New India Assurance Building,
87, M G Road, Fort,
Mumbai – 40001.
Toll Free – 1800-209-1415
Email –

3. United India Insurance

Pet Insurance in United India Insurance company comes under Cattle Insurance scheme but it can also be extended to pets such as cat, dog etc

The United India Pet Insurance company’s insurance policy covers indigenous/cross breed/exotic animals in the prescribed age groups duly fixing the value and certifying the health of the proposed animal by a qualified Veterinary Doctor.

Covered Risks

Death due to accidents including fire lightning flood and cyclone or disease contracted or occurred during the currency of the policy period.

Permanent Total Disability due to total incapacity to conceive or yield milk by paying extra premium.

United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
24, Whites Road, Royapettah,
Chennai – 600014.
Phone : 044 28520161 

Note : PetButty neither endorse nor recommend any of the Pet Insurance policy or company. Pet owners are expected to act upon thorough scrutiny. Before choosing any policy , make sure it is approved by Insurance Regulatory and development authority of India.

Best Pet Health Insurance Companies in India
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