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Black Shiba Inu Dog Facts and Information

The Black Shiba Inu is the cutest of all the four varieties of Shiba Inus. Though Black Shiba Inus are not purely black and presents with bits and patches of Golden tan, they are popularly called Black Shibu Inu, as you know black is a dominant shade. At last, they are absolutely a stunning dog breed. Let’s see about the Black Shiba Inu.

Appearance of Black Shiba Inu

Firstly, Black Shiba Inus appears highly distinctive with black and well-defined markings of Tan. The height ranges from 14 to 15 inches for the male breed and the same spans between 13 to 15 inches for the female breed.

Temperament of Shibu Inu

They are naturally very playful with openness to new people & new environment and their energy levels are undoubtedly awesome. Also, the Shiba Inus are fast learners, can quickly pick a new command and tricks. They easily get adapted to the environment they live in.

Black Shiba Inu as Pet

The First thing is Black Shiba Inu is an attractive dog breed, so it will be obviously great to have them as pet. Rest of the things are pretty obvious as in other dog breeds, they are affectionate, friendly and totally loyal to their owners.