Grey Pitbull Puppies Images, Breed Information

Amidst all misconceptions that Pitbulls are aggressive, it takes a great deal of love, understanding & knowledge to take interest in Pitbull. True dog lovers probably know how wonderful the Pitbulls are. Pitbulls come in different shades & colors, this article pens down the specialties of Grey Pitbull.

Are Grey Pitbull a different breed?

Grey Pitbulls are not a different breed, they are actually one of the lineages of Pitbull dog breeds that are blessed with a distinct bluish or grey colored hair coat. They also have similar grey patterns around their eyes and nose.

How Does a Grey Pitbull Look Like?

Pitbulls are the symbol of strength and loyalty and their very appearance will speak for it. They are muscular with a strong core, and wide jawline. There are few varieties of Grey Pitbulls with different color combinations, but the grey coat is common for all. Some of the color combinations are grey fawn, grey brindle, and grey tricolor.

grey pitbull

How’s Grey Pitbull as Pets?

Grey Pitbulls are perfect companion dogs. They are truly compassionate, protective, and loyal to their owners. Also, it is important to understand that Pitbull’s behavior is mostly influenced by their owners and rarely by its genetic. So make sure you raise your Pitbull more in the right way utilizing more compassion and positive reinforcement.

What are the common health issues in Grey Pitbull?

Pitbulls are relatively healthy dog breeds. Most go on to live happily and healthily up to 12 years. However, there are a few uncommon health issues prevalent in Pitbulls. Some of them are Hip Dysplasia, Skin problems, kneecap dislocation, allergies, thyroid, and congenital heart disease.