Can Dogs Eat Lobster?


If you want a simple answer, Oh Yes! Dogs can eat the ‘energy-packed’ Lobsters. Lobster is full of proteins, calcium, omega fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, choline, selenium, and essential vitamins and minerals.


Proteins in lobsters are beneficial for your pet’s muscle development. Omega fatty acids boost heart and brain health. Zinc protects against illness and aids in wound healing. Calcium and Phosphorous maintain the health of bones and joints. Magnesium aids in several crucial bodily functions and being a great source of Choline, lobsters are great for your pet’s overall health. Choline is essential for the optimal function of the brain, heart, liver as well as the nervous system

Raw vs Cooked

Raw Lobsters may contain parasites, so cooked lobsters are certainly safe and beneficial for your dog.


Being Seafood, Lobsters may contain high amounts of mercury, which can prove fatal to dogs when consumed in large amounts.

Can Dogs Eat Lobster?
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