Can dogs have human antihistamines?

human medicine in animal treatment

Many pet lovers especially dog owners have this doubt that whether or not it is safer to try human medicine for their pets. The short answer is yes, Some drugs that are meant for humans are safer for pets but some drugs can be extremely toxic to pets.

Many pets owners are amused when they see that most of the drugs prescribed for their pets are also used by humans as medicine. It is because many of the human drugs that had been formulated for human treatment are also proven to be applicable in animal treatment by clinical research as they have the active ingredient required in the treatment. So it is a standard practice for veterinarians to prescribe some drugs that are meant for humans to treat your pet. Aspirin is one of the well known human drugs used in Animal treatment.

Commonly used human medication that work for pets

Medication uses
AspirinPain reliever
BenadrylAntihistamine for cats and dogs
CortaidAnti-itch medication
KaopectateFor Diarrhea
MetamucilFor constipation
NeospirinIn wound infection
Peptid AcUsed to treat vomiting
DulcolaxFor constipation
TylenolPain reliever
GatoradeFor dehydration
Artificial lubricantsAs eye lubricants

Are over the counter medicine safer for pets?

Although several over the counter medications are easily available, It is advisable to not make any self-made decision when it comes to dealing with your pet’s life. It is advised to seek help from your veterinarian to gain clear knowledge in this case. Ask your veterinarian clearly about what are the medicines available over the counter, its uses; dosage, and how long it should be given to your pet. Once you gain this needed knowledge, it becomes easier for you to know the right over the counter medication for the related medical condition.

Common over the counter medication for your dog

  1. Antiseptic solutions, creams, and ointment
  2. Antibiotic ointment
  3. Asprin
  4. Lubricant oils and jelly
  5. Hydrogen peroxide
Can dogs have human antihistamines?

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