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Can dogs have tums

In short, Yes. Dogs can have tums. Tums is an antacid medication available over the counter. Antacids are used to treat Heartburns, Gerd, and nausea symptoms.

Tums have Calcium Carbonate as an active ingredient so it also helps boosts calcium level in your dogs but don’t consider tums for calcium supplementation as there are better calcium supplements available.

Pet owners usually look for over the counter medication to treat any illness in their pets before seeing a vet. Tums is one of the good over the counter antacid medications for humans that can also be used to treat minor nausea symptoms in dogs.

On the other hand, If your dog has severe vomiting, diarrhea, It is good to take advice from your veterinarian as the over-the-counter medication will not help in most cases. Besides Tums, Pepto Bismol is the most trusted antacid medication prescribed by veterinarians for stomach problems in dogs.

It is safer to use tums up to some extent to treat stomach issues in dogs. But make sure your dogs don’t have any kidney problems, as kidney ailments can cause similar symptoms such as heartburn, vomiting that are also appear like digestive issues. Have your pets examined by a veterinarian for better diagnosis and treatment. Medication containing ingredients like magnesium, and calcium can to toxic to dogs with kidney problems.

So It is safer to give a limited dosage of tums to dogs to treat heartburn and nausea symptoms.