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How to Bathe a dog the Right Way

Most dogs hate bath time but Bathing the dog is most important for the overall wellness of the dog. It helps to keep the dog’s coat and skin clean and healthy. It can also acts as a routine skin examination that gives out a chance to inspect your dog’s body and skin for abnormalities.

How often should I bath My dog?

In most cases, Giving bath to a dog once in month is just sufficient. The Bath frequency may if your likes to play in mud or often get dirty by some way. Ensure the bath frequency not need 2 – 3 for the good health of the dog’s skin and coat.

What is the right place place to give bath a dog?

Kitchen sinks or dog bathtubs would be ideal to bath small dog breeds. To bath a Large dog breeds such as great dane and bull dogs, bathroom showers, or open places such as garden or terrace would be most fit.

What are the preparations required to bath a dog?

  • Brush the dog’s coat keep to keep the hair out of tangles.
  • Keep ready the necessary bath equipment including dog bathtub or bucket, brush, blow dryer or clean towel
  • Oil massage can be given to your dog prior bathing for special benefits.
  • Keep an adequate amount of dog shampoo.

How to choose a good dog shampoo?

There are hundreds of dog shampoo available in the market, choosing the right dog shampoo can get little confusing, Read carefully the label of the dog shampoo before buying it. There are separate shampoos available for puppies. Never use medicated shampoos unless it is advised by the veterinarian. Never use shampoo that has harsh chemicals or insecticide unless required.

Dog shampoos such as tick free shampoo should be used on dogs with caution.

Can I use human shampoo on my dog?

Never use human shampoo on your dog because human shampoos are harsher on dog’s skin and coat. It drys out their skin.

How to Bathe a dog?

Dog Bath involves just four steps

  1. Wetting
  2. Lathering
  3. Rinsing
  4. Drying

Wet your dog

Use a mug, water hose or a shower to wet your dog thoroughly. Use warm water. Comfort your dog by talking if he get scared. Make sure the water not get inside his ears

Lather well

Apply a good amount of Dog shampoo, make sure it reaches all over dog’s body. Lather well. Make sure the shampoo don’t get into your dog’s eyes as it can irritate his eyes.

Rinse the coat thoroughly

Bring your dog under running water to rinse the coat thoroughly. Make sure to not leave any shampoo residues and wash out all the shampoo out with water.


Use a blow dryer to dry the dog’s coat or use a bath towel to pat him dry. Never rub harsh with towel as it can damage the dog’s hair.

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